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Trombinoscope Contacts

thank you!

Posted on 03 April 2012

simple and useful.

Owner's reply: Thank you :-)
Trombinoscope Contacts

Trombinoscope Contacts

Free | Address Book | Olivier Buisard
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Trombinoscope Contacts is a module that shows a list of Joomla! contacts in a grid layout. Features: show contacts from categories, sub-categories, show a specific contact, related contacts (through keywords or tags) or yet contacts related to ANY content (through tags), show the contact information of the logged user, choose portrait or landscape layouts (picture on top or on the side of the contact information), set size restrictions and the cards will automatically fit responsive pages, format the name, order contacts in multiple ways, show detailed contact information with labels or icons, set access levels so that the information shown targets specific user groups, format address information and link it with Google map, open the contact in a Joomla standard view or in a popup, add hover effects on the picture, let the module crop, resize and filter contact pictures, create high resolution thumbnails for crisp display on high pixel ratio screens (like Retina displays), animate the grid of cards with a built-in carousel, choose the proper look for your cards by selecting one of the available themes, fine tune the theme with a multitude of options and CSS, download more themes as they become available, remove whitespaces for a smaller HTML footprint, cache the settings once the module instances are ready for primetime to speed server performance and page loading, ... Buy the component 'Trombinoscope Contacts Pro' to extend the Joomla! Contacts core component with additional views, fields, front editing, enhanced forms and so much more! More information at
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