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Lots of features but still easy to use, awesome support

Posted on 05 June 2013
I needed a simple form with a few questions and a comments box, and was surprised at how hard it was to find a free form extension that would actually work on a multi-lingual site. And since we are watching expenses closely right now, I needed something free.

Visforms does that and much more, giving you lots of options and making your forms intuitive for users, yet the admin interface keeps things straightforward. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to use it.

It also works in ways that give you plenty of flexibility. Instead of having it attached to a menu, I created a module and used Joomla 2.5's {loadmodule} tag to have the form show in a normal article.

You can also copy the language files and add as many as you like.

There is only one tiny downside: Although it has it's own css file for styling, some templates will override your settings anyway. When I viewed the page source, I found that Visforms' css file was loading first, so my template overrode my desire to remove the background from the text fields.

This is fairly trivial, however, and I don't want to dimish what is a great extension!
Owner's reply: Hi Dave,
thanks so much for that detailed response!

In my opinion any extension should fit into the template layout as best as it could. If your template overrides your desire to remove backgrounds, that is the layout of your template and I think the form you create with visforms should look the same way in the first place.

Nevertheless you could make the css selector in visforms css-file stronger than the one in the template css-file and that would override your template style regardless of where the files are included in your template.

Kind regards,

Exactly what it says, great support

Posted on 15 May 2013
Works just as advertised and a great, easy to use extension for forms that send simple yet complete emails.

I had a problem getting it to work, and they were extremely prompt and helpful in getting it resolved. The main problem ended up being my Joomla email setup anyway, so the extension itself is very solid and easy as pie to insert into articles.


Runs out of characters

Posted on 27 September 2012
I was on the cusp of giving this a 5-star review.

The concept is great. Just separate the content within your articles/modules, etc. for various languages with the langck tags, and your language switcher will pick the right one. Great!

Then I had a really long article title that I had to duplicate in French. It was truncated. Experiment showed there is a 255 character limit in the title field.

I wrote MultilanguageCK support and their brief reply was "if there's anything wrong, it must be your extension."

Well, no, I'm afraid not. I tried it on a simple Joomla article.

We are quickly becoming a multi-national company, and even with fairly brief article titles, you will run out of space in roughly three languages.

I'm saddened, because the fantastic ease of use was one of the main draws of MultilanguageCK. But I can't have articles in 4 languages without titles in 4 languages. And I can't hang every page on our site off a menu item.

It looks like I'll have to start all over.
Owner's reply: Hi
thank you for your review. You are right, and you said that the limitation comes from the field in the database. So I can't do anything for this.
Joomla articles have the native multilanguage solution, Multilanguages CK was designed to be used where there is not this feature.

Works just as you'd hope

Posted on 18 April 2012
Extplorer is just what you want it to be - an easy to use file system browser with some nice features built in.

I've had to do a lot of customizing to my site, mostly bits of CSS, and extplorer makes it dead simple. Just like Windows Explorer, browse to a file, open it, edit it, save it, done!

Other features are extremely handy, such as the search function, which helps you find not only files, but content within them. Know the CSS selector but not sure what file it's in? Just do a search for it and extplorer returns a list of all files containing that string.

You can also upload, download, change permissions, diff files, and more right from the toolbar.

With all the tweaks the powers-that-be have wanted for our site, I would have been completely lost without this great tool. Highly recommended!

Great way to organize your content

Posted on 18 April 2012
Forgive the 5 stars when I don't use the entire product, but I felt compelled to offer praise for these: The Knowledge Base and FAQ.

The KB is fantastic, a great way to organize your content. Although the phrasing of some items is rather market-specific (the term "products" referring to what are basically articles), there's no fuss in using it. It's highly configurable but extremely simple to use. I, my managers, and our customers especially like the ability to accordion articles under categories, and to display your KB categories in rows / columns to more effeciently use screen space.

The same can be said of the FAQs. You can accordion the articles within a single category like in the KB. Just be aware that, if you are using Google Analytics, it will only track the category and not the individual FAQs, since they already "exist" in the page. For this reason we reverted to a standard list of articles, but that's no fault of Freestyle.

These two parts of Freestyle alone have helped us make a site our users love, and support requests are handled quickly and politely. A great extension!
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