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imho Josetta.. NOT recommended.

Posted on 23 August 2012
Functionality wise Josetta ( or any other translation component component ) built on the native system has potential. To me that is the way to go as opposed to a propriatary system. The joomla "solution" by itself is a PITA to setup, implement and maintain. Hence tools like this.

What i like:

+ Bing supported translation, bit difficult to set-up but well documented

+ Logging of translation activities

+ Price

What i dislike:

Josetta is a long way from beeing mature and actually usefull. To name a few

* Translating an article for which the translated category is known does not carry over the suggestion for the translation

* Translating a menuitem for which the parent is known and translated does not carry it over as a suggestion

* See no option to offer similar assistance associated menu entries

* The non ajax based on jgrid suggests you could edit multiple items but one cant. Every edit action is "select", edit.

* There is no ACL editing with articles etc

* No way to see if an article that was once translated needs to be "updated" because the source changed.


A number of these "requests" were submitted by email several months back as part of an initial feedback. After a an intitial promissing quick response "we will discuss it" internally and the promise to get back on it, i've yet to hear from them.

Support in the forum has a deflecting and condescending attitude, lets just make sure it's not "our" problem. Not reading provided already provide information or answering direct questions, just repeating / rephrasing their own.

Now looking back i see that the "top dog" added his 2ct to some of my posts in the forum, content wise a step in the right direction, but still fully missing the point and addressing my issues.

Long story short, i stopped responding in the forum, i considered asking a refund but decided against the negative impact and discussion. I thought long and hard about posting here. I wrote this review several weeks prior to posting.. to give myself some time to rethink.

IMHO Josetta.. NOT recommended.

I started looking around in the JED and found a promising alternative from a Spanish company( won't go as fat as to name names here ). To date they have been reponsive, polite and forthcomming. You'll find it if your interested.

my 2ct
Owner's reply: Hi Marco,

It really seems you had a bad interaction with the support team, and I apologize for that. Now here is the information I can provide to you on the matter:

- I am the developer of Josetta. The features you asked for have never made it to me. It appears that failure in support came from those suggestions being made by email, and were not properly addressed. Again at this stage, I can only apologize for that and assure you we had a "healthy" discussion with support to remedy this. But please use the support forum for any request you may have, this will ensure speedy handling

- The one exception is when you asked for "removing check boxes" on the items list. That was on the forum, and so I did answer. My answer was purely technical: we are using the Joomla framework. Joomla displays all lists of articles, categories, weblinks,... that way, with a check box next to each item. User checks a box and click on "Edit" in the toolbar. Are you fine with Joomla (and all extensions I know of) using this method but not with Josetta doing the same? Sorry, that's a bit harsh.

- "The non ajax based on jgrid suggests you could edit multiple items but one cant:" I don't understand what you mean. How can one "Edit multiple" articles at the same time?

- "No option... associated menu entries": this is managed entirely automatically by Josetta, users don't have to worry about associations at all. If you still want to handle manually, you can, with the "Use existing content" Josetta toolbar button (and with regular Joomla backend of course)

- "No way to see if article...because the source changed": when translation is up to date, item status is displayed in Green, while it goes to Red when the source has been modified. This display in next to the "% completed" display, and is of course per language

- "No ACL...": This is a totally major point. No ACL is a deliberate choice. You can also notice that when translating a category, you don't have access to "number of items per page" or similar settings. Josetta is a translation interface. It is designed for translators. That's why translation happens on the front-end. Translators are given a clear view of what's been translated already, what's left to do, and can access only fields that SHOULD be translated.

Of course, as all of this is native Joomla! content, you have full control on ACL or all other settings simply by using regular Joomla! backend interface.
But a key issue we try to solve is to not force translators to have to go the backend, have to learn Joomla operation, and more importantly we want them to have the simplest translation interface, so that:

- they don't have to worry about things they don't understand (ACL being a good example)
- they don't risk breaking something: changing a parameter they should not change for instance.

Current feedback shows many users put value on being able to have their translators being put in a "sandbox", while not loosing any of Joomla!'s powerful features as the regular backend is still fully available to admins.

One last very important thing: Josetta is the only extension avilable on JED as we speak that does not hack the Joomla core. The other extensions all have a system plugin that modify Joomla! behavior and is required to display translation (including the one you mention). Once again you are back to relying on a 3rd-party extension for your site to work, while Josetta means forward compatibility with new Joomla! versions.

Lastly, please do not hesitate to ask for refund, that's a "no question-asked" operation, and though you're past the normal 30-days limit, I'm sure there won't be any question in your case.


Great tool..

Posted on 23 August 2012
Prior to using this extension i bought and used another popular extension in this translation categorie. This turned out to be an utter disappointment ( i will refrain from naming it)

Upon my search for an alternative I contacted KM FasTrans team with some suggestions and reactions to "probe" their attitude.

I found their reaction to be everything i missed and encountered from support devision with my previous purchase.

It was openminded and supportive.

I have been a payed subscriber now for over a month, and even though i find the subscription a bit expensive, i am very happy.

This extension does not operate from the front-end link my previous purchase, but to me that was only confusing, so i am very happy with the backend solution.

The general setup is well thought of, and with this solution i get to translate "from all" "to all languages" and i'm not stuck with beeing forced to one source language.

In addition KM FasTrans applied ajax where possible eliminating needless check, and select action butons.

The list overview of articles/menu's etc gives and immediate overview of completed sets and translation sets that need to be updated.

For me it was woth the investment. Even so .. this is still a young component and needs work to be done to be truely a production booster in for example:

* intelligently coupling articles to translated menu items when the artcle in the source language already has an know translation.

* Logging

* percentage completion for workflow

* ...

But as said these items have been communicated and received favourably, obviously things take time so don't expect them in tomorrow.

Cheers Marco

Top Quality, excellent respons

Posted on 25 April 2012
Just to share.. When buying the component i had certain expectations wrt to ACL functionality. I could not find it.. upon mailing the author, within hours i got a "delopment version" with my requested fix. I'm not suggesting / promissing that this will happen every time but i'm a happy camper.

Wholehartedly recommended!
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