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Absolute Must-have software

Posted on 22 June 2012
Worked first time after installation on a Joomla 2.5.4 installation. Simple to use. Easy and intuitive control panel.

The only problem is that I now need to go install this on every one of my sites!

Compelents to the developer for an excellent piece of work.


Posted on 03 June 2012
This is such a neat pice of software. Shows selected group (admin, superadmin etc) a checklist, on the front end, of the quality of seo meta data on each page you view - AND, lets you alter/add on the fly.

Simple, intuitive, very very useful.

Thank you for a great product.
Owner's reply: Nice review! Thank you very much.

Great Software

Posted on 03 June 2012
If you want a recipe management program, this one, I can recommend. I bought the bundle (comes with a few add on modules, most of which are useful). It worked first time on Joomla 2.5.4 and the whole program was simple and intuitive. I tried it on a few templates and found the occasional glitch (I'm sure it could be corrected with some CSS tweaking but I am not too flash with that), so suggest you might need to be flexible on the template, but otherwise, great.

Great Contact Form

Posted on 30 May 2012
Having spent a frustrating day trying out several contact forms (and even paying for a couple of them), I finally came across AlfContact.

It works well, and looks pretty good too. Does not have drop downs or radio buttons but it does hvae the option of having a list of people the user can contact.

Worked well on Joomla 2.5.4.

I would be happy to pay for a pro version with drop downs etc.

Fantastic and so Usefull

Posted on 09 May 2012
This is a great module - I have some long pages on some sites and it's been a pain to scroll back to the menus. Worked well on Joomla 2.5.4

Awesome Essential Addon

Posted on 29 April 2012
I install this on all of my sites - a whole level better than TinyMCE (even in extended mode). Thanks guys - Joomlaites applaud you!


Posted on 27 April 2012
simple install and worked as billed. Found all of my articles with empty metadata and keyword fields! Great help to keep SEO ticking
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