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Ari Quiz review

Posted on 24 May 2015
I cannot praise this extension enough. I based my whole website on it which was quizzes
Ease of use
even I could for the most part use the extension
being a complete Joomla/ website knowledge I needed support and Ari were very helpful
comes with instructions
Value for money
excellent value for money
I used this to: I am not a Joomla expert by any means but had wanted to create a website purely based on quizzes so I took the plunge and purchased the extension. Two years later my site is more or less finished and I am very proud of it and very pleased.


Posted on 29 April 2012
The first template I have succesfully installed and used to good effect. In fact I am going to purchase the paid for version based on my experince with this.

The paid for version allows you to give detailed results to users whereas the Lite version just gives a summary of how many questions the quiz taker got right. But the good thing with the Lite version is that you can see how the thing works before you pay your money to get the full version.

I particularly liked the fact that when you select Menu Manager to add a new item, Ari Quiz is listed as one of the menu alternatives. Simple even I figured it out.
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