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Couldn't be simpler

Posted on 10 October 2012
This is an excellent plugin. Easy to install and activate. Decent guidance to the simple code you need to add to your articles to embed video. Has worked flawlessly so far.

Simple and quick

Posted on 09 October 2012
This extension takes only seconds to install. All you have to do ito get up and running is create a new menu item, supply the name of your blog and save. It starts pulling posts off and into joomla with no problem.

The only quibble is that the header for each post is active and looks like it should allow you to click through to the blogpost, but that isn't working for me yet. Clicking the header just takes you to a blank page on your joomla site (or at least it does on mine). But if you click on 'add comment' for a individual blogpost then it takes you through to the post on I haven't yet got to the bottom of what's going on there.
Owner's reply: Thanks for the positive review.

Your 'quibble' doesn't sound right - you should be able to use links in the post to the Blog. We'll help if you raise an issue at the project page - Let us know in the ticket what version of Joomla you're using , what OS your site is hosted on and your site URL.

Couldn't be simpler

Posted on 03 June 2012
I'm just learning Joomla and setting up my first simple site, although I've set up several sites using Wordpress/Tumblr. This was only the second extension I've downloaded. As the last step in the development process I was looking for a plug-in to deal with Google Analytics. This one does the job very well. Once you've uploaded it all you have to do is enter the Google tracking code through the plug-in menu and you're away. Hits are then coming through on Analytics just fine. Couldn't be simplier.
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