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This is an extension to skip

Posted on 05 February 2013
Both the support and features are lacking. Furthermore I couldn't get it working on a site. I ended up creating a test site which it did work on. I discovered that the very few features it offers make the extension look worse.

There's no color change, you cannot force the size of each module.. it's basically a see what you get. I mean that you get a drop down menu that looks exactly like what they have - don't expect to change really any of it. Two examples which I'm sure will be dismissed by the developer is that you cannot get rid of what it says easily ie “Hello Guest!”. You can change the percentage of the width but what happens is the tab will shift along with it so if you want it small enough for a login panel only (lets say is 30% of the original size) then the tab ends up in the center which looks awful. The corners are sharp square also so decreasing it's width will only make it look worse. The width changer happens to be one of it’s few functions and that doesn’t even function properly! Basically to make it look right you need to keep it at it's original with. In order for that to look nice, you'd need to fill the entire panel up with modules thus decreasing load time on your pages. You can start to see how it's a snowball affect which simply doesn't work.

Also, testing this with various browsers on the fresh test site I noticed it looked really bad if the browser window wasn't fully extended so if you ever have a client doing side by side windows then you have yet another thing to contend with.

After talking back and forth with the developer, he ended up not responding. I saw the emails had been read on his end so that's how their support works. I even tried to directly contact them from their site; yet again no support.

I likely wouldn’t have even bothered leaving a review if it weren’t for the support or lack of.

Messes a lot up

Posted on 08 December 2012
I don't see this as a relevant tool for anyone using Joomla 2.5 or newer, truly. Every single extension on my site is updated and all of them are rated Popular here yet I still face many issues. Once I think everything is working, I come across something else messing up that's directly linked to this extension. Once the extension is off, everything runs perfectly fine.

This extension is to make life more simple, not the other way around. To go into further detail, the security features are lacking. To stay secure year round prepare to pay year round even for large security vulnerabilities.

The thing that gets me are all of the cheaper/free extensions that are equivalent to this one don't have anywhere near as many problems.

I spent a lot of time and effort with this extension, in the end I was able to get everything working and have to say I not only feel as if I completely wasted my time but also feel a lot more appreciation towards some of the other extensions offered here.

It's important to state that the people I spoke with were very professional.
Owner's reply: Hi

As you don't really point at any particular issue you had, I cannot really provide any specific answer. There are still a few comments I can make though:

First, a technical one: having a problem which appears when sh404SEF is on, and disappear when sh404SEF is off does NOT mean in any way that sh404SEF is causing the issue. Only that the fault, wherever it happens, only appears when SEF urls are on, and that's pretty different.
Again, you did not provide details, but if you had things like disappearing images or templates, javascript that doesn't work anymore or Itemids confusion, I can already tell you that sh404SEF is not causing this, despite the fact this problems go away when you switch it off.
Best advice is to contact support, which can usually work things out but sometimes the faulty extensions cannot be fixed, or this is too complicated.

Second, the extension is not simply here "to make life more simple". It is here to achieve higher SEO performance and do more things in the simplest possible way, that's a little bit different.

I'm glad you were able to have your site running in the end, and that you appreciated the support professionalism.
Hopefully next time the ride will be smoother. sh404SEF has been around for more than 6 years now, but still has just been voted as part of the Top 10 extensions by Joomla! community magazine. I hope this shows we're still working hard on it on a day to day basis!



Posted on 05 December 2012
Very simple, works 100% of the time. I highly recommend EVERY Joomla site have this installed, it really does add security to your site. I also suggest making a custom link within the extension vs the default for added security.

Better than Adobe and its responsive!

Posted on 14 October 2012
Why this is so different from the other big guys is a lot actually. The integration among MailChimp, Dropbox, and Saleforce is just amazing. Mutlipage + responsive forms! The themes for someone like me is just great as I'm not a professional developer. Lastly, I was having issues which the developer helped me out with - I was shocked by how nice he was and it's one reason why I believe they deserve a shot for anyone looking into forms for Joomla or Wordpress. I assure you, no forms here are as complete as these.


Posted on 30 September 2012
It took about 10 minutes from the point I went on their website to download the extension to creating a fully functioning table. Best part is I'm really bad at web design so this is absolutely the best for non-developers and developers alike. There are a few things I could see that would make this extension better but am impressed anyhow. Thank you developer!!
Owner's reply: Thank you for your kind words. We're always open to new ideas, suggestions, improvements, bug reports, the works. It's only through feedback that we know where to place our development efforts.

We'd love to hear your suggestions. You can use our contact form at, post on our forums, or even send a Tweet!

Almost there but still worth buying

Posted on 04 August 2012
I see the benefits this has to offer out of the box, especially for a large website. If you're building a new website that's smaller, you still may benefit from this. The average developer certainly should get this tool without a doubt. I give it one star off only because someone like me who only handles one small site with meta data and keywords already in place may not see as many advantages as the average developer would. The developer clearly cares about the product being developed which shows throughout. I'd highly recommend this to any developer or site owner.

Highly Disappointed

Posted on 04 August 2012
I didn't expect the world when I bought this but at least the basic functionality I needed it for and not more much which it couldn't deliver on. If you're used to a higher quality program such as CBSubs - this is far behind with most of it's features. A simple function like adding up the quantity for two items is too much for this to handle. Furthermore, the developer gave one shot at helping me then obviously wasn't going any further than what I could have done myself. In order to get anything other than a very basic for layout one would need to spend an outrageous amount on buying a feature table from them which really doesn't extend the look any further. My suggestion is to buy this if you need very basic membership and truly don't expect anything more than exactly what's documented which isn't very much. I do get it some credit for being a clean, simple design which is well appreciated. This makes me question their security suite as well. Again, with this company - you get exactly what's in the description and not a single thing more as reinforced to me by Shawn which also thought it'd be his business to sarcastically tell me how I should shop in the future after being nothing but nice to him.
Owner's reply: Hi Michael

You have your own specific requirements that our component cannot do and we do not think it is a general features to benefit to other users, so we do not add the feature and issue full refund to you without asking a question and our developer has helped you change things without any charges, what are we doing wrong? We leave this to the public. For the functionality, we do believe our component is quite poweful and stable compared to other membership software. Please note we only need what we have helped and offered can be appreciated and treated fairly.

Best regards
OSE team

Agreed, bad product

Posted on 29 July 2012
I've dealt with this on three different sites, every one giving problems that shouldn't happen. Furthermore, support wasn't there. Buttons showing up that shouldn't show up, fields not showing up, etc. Don't make extensions that you're unable to properly make or repair.


Posted on 11 July 2012
* This is only the second eCommerce solution I've dealt with so my opinion only goes so far. I can see what a lot of people are complaining about, there are issues that seem to be neglected however for the price - I don't feel there's a lot of room to complain. Give it a try, best solution out of 2 I've tried so far.

Good but could be better

Posted on 04 July 2012
For my purpose, it resides on a side bar with two of the latest articles. It works without any issues. The pictures automatically are resized with a lot of great little features like the heading size or Read More On/Off. I'm comparing this to my experience with EasyBlogs' module which is similar but has several key benefits that this lacks such as social integration. If the developer added social integration and a Read More Button - I believe this would be really amazing.
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