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Nice attributes IF you can get it to install.

Posted on 14 May 2014
The one big plus to this slider is that you can use gif or png slides with a transparent background. Not everyone needs that, but when you have a call for it like we did it's kind of hard to find. I had high hopes for this slider, but unfortunately we tried installing it on a few different sites with no luck. Perhaps it's the template we using, but no matter what we tried, it would SAY it installed correctly, but only the Module side installed properly. When you went over to the Component side, you could set up the Categories, but anytime you tried to access the Slides, well every time I post what happened, the post gets rejected so let's just say it wouldn't install correctly.

You can make a single show run from the Module alone, but I worried about what else might be wrong, and our site is too important to risk it. All the other sliders we loaded installed and worked as advertised. It was just a matter of choosing which one had the best attributes.

They don't respond to tickets on the weekend, so we had to move on. Had it installed correctly we may have stayed with this one over a paid version we finally settled on.
Owner's reply: Hello, sorry to hear you were unable to run DJ-ImageSlider. This is not a known problem as you can see. Probably this is related to your setup as you mentioned. Please make sure you're using most recent version of Joomla and let us know.

Not for Us, but Solid Little Free Slider

Posted on 11 May 2014
I spent a chunk the day trying different sliders on our sites that will host slide decks that look like whiteboard or PowerPoint presentations. For our application we needed something that the user could manually scroll through the slides at their own speed as they read them. Overall this was probably the better of the free ones I loaded on our test sites.

First it installed flawlessly without issue. Obvously that's a biggie!

Secondly, it has the Module side and Component side which allows you to create different shows for different pages. Another plus.

Next, it's FREE. We all love free.

Sadly we couldn't use it for the following two reasons. Our slides are on clear/transparent backgrounds which is what we really wanted, but it wasn't a deal breaker. Unfortunately this program turns transparent backgrounds to a white opaque background. That was ok, as a white background was our second choice. This will make the presentations look like they're on a whiteboard. Unfortunately our sliders must be set so the reader can manually advance the slides as they read them. On this slider, you can't see the nav buttons if the slide has a white background. They blend in, so you just have to know that they're there.

Had it not been for that issue with the buttons, this would have worked well. I liked how it was laid out though, so we bought their Pro version. It won't support clear slides either, but other than that so far we love it. It's was only $12 and well worth it. I'll rate it in the next few day.

If nav buttons aren't an issue for you, this may be a good choice.

No Clear Gifs & Major Nav Button Issue

Posted on 11 May 2014
If you're looking for a slider that will simply scroll through color photographs automatically, then this might do well. It's free, and it installed without issue. Our application was different however. We were creating slide decks that are like a Powerpoint presentation for a lecture. The two big issues for us are first of all you can NOT use clear Gifs or Pngs. On some sliders if you try to use a clear png it just changes it to a white opaque background. On this one however it turned everything BLACK. Another issue was the lack of nav buttons. On ours we couldn't make it auto scroll as the person needs to read the text at their own speed. There is a Previous and Next hyperlink at the bottom, but due to the layout we wanted the left and right nav buttons on the sides of the slides. There is a set you can get to come up when you hover over the slide, but they blended in with the white background and will only show while hovering.

Very Nice, Just Read Installation Notes

Posted on 25 June 2012
Works exactly as described. If you're somewhat new to Joomla! though look for the two little things that you might miss during installation! They do tell you that after upload, you need to go to the Module Manager and publish it. If you're new to Joomla, once you go to the Module Manager the first pulldown menu to the right of the Search box must be changed from Site, to Administrator. Then you can see "Simple Reset." Don't just publish it by clicking on the red dot. Open it, set it to Published, AND REMEMBER TO SET THE POSITION TO "CPanel." Then you can go to your Control Panel and Simple Reset will be right there above Logged In Users, Most Popular Articles etc.
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