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No more use

Posted on 10 August 2012
It was a good plugins, no longer usefull since latest zoo provide this by i right ? keep exploring more development
Owner's reply: "am i right ?"

Unfortunately not :-) Zoo doesn't provide this functionality.

Excellent ....

Posted on 02 August 2012
Excellent and superb extension .

Excellent customer service and ideas implemented.

Only comment is that i hope they can share more on support forum rather then support through ticketing system, it get confuse to handle many tickets.

Keep up the good work guys. I bought ALL your extensions through social discount .

good but dangerous ..

Posted on 31 July 2012
i waiting to rate this extension excellent in time to come but now i am a end user and i can feel the pain.

The feature is AWESOME. As the saying great power come with great responsibilities, same goes here. great feature comes with great responsibilities. Going through the support forum one can understand the level of stability this extension has.In my humble opinion this extension should NOT be release to live site.

It has 2 major security bug reported but the developer choose to delete the thread and keep mum about it.Only when many make noise and show proof the site has been hacked not ONCE but TWICE.

Please go to the forum and verify this fact. The code used in this extension is not optimized too. I have 20,000 listings which is normal for a US real estate mls listing, the site shake badly, response very slowly.

This is my idea from what i gather from the forum.

As mention by some others

1. Please use standard MVC coding style, release format, availability to download old extension and proper updates. ALL this does not exist


2. As mention by another forum member , this extension written for both Joomla 1.5 and 2.5. Sound good. But the 2.5 users miss all those sweet feature that the default framework carries.Please separate both version.

3. Proper release, well documented suggestion, feedback , tutorials.

4. Security issue is very costly. Please give extra attention to it.

Lastly , please develop an extension with passion, don't just look at the quick money. Money will flow in when its stable. Many users are careful where they put the money at.

Cheap extension with lots of feature but the stability is not there is not going anywhere. So far there have been 20+ major bug fix with self denial.

All the best to the developer, Who is young and active.He just need a good direction to be a good coder. Please develop with passions.

There is so many good reviews, i assume this is not from the in depth users.

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