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Many ads. no space

Posted on 27 April 2015
I was in need of a simple module that displays adds. But I had a litle less space.
Main functions 'no irritating, flashing, blinking' stuf
Ease of use
simple as the 'ACME adding machine' (you should Google it)
Value for money
does what I want for a realy fair price
I used this to: Private website

Don't make any site without

Posted on 11 September 2013
Ever had a site that has gone 'white' after maintenance? I did. I don't make any site without this back-up component (and backup BEFORE you mess-up the lot). I do test back-ups. They never go wrong. Incidentally use it to transfer a site from the development platform to live platform. Ok, you must check some path settings. But hey, this is a back-up component.

More then sponsoring

Posted on 01 August 2012
I use this extension as a sponsor wall but also to show the company's staff.

All staff members have an individual page where the extension is linked to.

Take a photo instead of a logo and BINGO a fantastic facebookpage.

Support?... Didn't need any.
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