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Very useful

Posted on 16 February 2015
It works nicely, and really save time (no need to recreate manually the menu structure to have a decent menu map in footer).
Ease of use
Easy to install. Less to customize, but very doable for simple CSS things even.
Not used for now.
Very basic one, but enough to start.
Value for money
I used this to: Footers of my websites.
I would have gave 100/100 with more tweaking available in admin as:
- 1 level 0 per column (with level1 below it) --> very standard and more logic
- no 'disc-type'
- font tweakings

Really hope to see more features / more templates in the future. Thx

Powerful and reliable

Posted on 14 June 2014
I firstly had some fears about what sounded a 'big machine' too me. Promising, yes. But sometimes in our world, promises are beaten by disappointments big times. And it also sounded expensive, with a strange ticket system for the support.

I finally fall for it. My opinion now that I'm using it ? Joomres holds all its promises.

And I'm very happy to have choosen this solution : one of my customer is... very picky and I needed to do quite some tweaks on the initial template I was using.

Yes the free version will not really allow you much, yes it is quite some money you have to pay for, no it is not totally smoothly mixed into Joomla. But I am not a coder, and I have been able to do what I wanted. And the DevTeam is not a pain with the ticket system: they do not count all questions as a ticket, only the time expensive ones.

A conclusion ? Jomres works. Very, very well. And it is very, very well maintain and supported, with regular updates. This type of quality comes with a price. That is teh way it is.

I can sleep well on the evenings, knowing that my customers -who by the way paid my work quite a sum- have a system that will not let them (and me) down.

I'll paid the renewal of my subscription next year (only needed to get updates of course).

Thxs Team, keep up the good work, and the nice & modern additions your working on.

Simple, efficent

Posted on 07 May 2014
Does what it says ! Very handy.

Would be nice to be able to separate Metada from the rest too, to give only access to that. And to get other language support (should take the language use by default by Joomla)

Thanks for that useful tool.

At last a REAL Media Manager for Joomla (you all need this component)

Posted on 30 July 2013
Indeed. This is -at last- a really MODERN Media Manager for Joomla!

You or your client can drag 'n drop, resize, rename, organize all media and especially pictures with really good thumbnails and WYSIWYG options... in a breeze.

Try it once, and you will never go back.

My only 2 issues with this one:

1) I haven't been able to change languages (while 'elFinder', the code it is based on is supporting several languages).

2) 'elFinder' developers are not very active since a year... I thus just hope this amazing component will remain up-to-date over next years, because it is just too good to be true.

Official Joomla Team is working on an update of the MediaManager, but seeing RemoteImage, they have a HUGE challenge in front of them...

Keep up the good work, please!
Owner's reply: Hi,

Thank you for your review.

We are hard working for our every extensions and enhancing it's User Experience, so a little issue not fixed very quickly. But the elFinder has already update-to-date of newest build version.

We'll add your opinion to our todo list and fix the language bug.

And we need to know which language you use. You can post this on our support forum:

Thank you very much.



Posted on 08 March 2013

Excellent software design, excellent coding, revolutionary ideas inside (indeed)... Endless possibilities, real ablility to create a 'waouu' factor for visitors...

And on top of that, honestly, it is pretty easy to handle. Yes you need to make one or two trials to really get how it works.

But neither you will regret the 20 minutes it will take to you, nor the ridiculous amount that is asked for it.

I can't wait for the next update. What's possible on top of that? More effects may be. Ability to control a bit the rotation perhaps...

Oh no.. 2 things would really make it even better:

- be able to change the image of a layer rather than having to delete it and recreate a new one.

- have a option to click that would add 'x' nb of millisecond to ALL the layers after the one that is actually modified. By clicking and unclicking this option, tweaking the timing of the layers would be really easier. Hopefully you'll get what I mean.

Anyway. It is truely, truely a must have.

Go, get it. It will make you (and your websites) shine!

Perfect to spice-up Hikashop menus!

Posted on 25 January 2013
Perfect to spice-up Hikashop menus!

I'm not really a coder, more a kind of creative person: YES, this plugin is easy to install (I did it several times in 2mn), YES it does work very well, and the one (minor) issue I had has been resolved 'lightspeed' by the developer and will not bother anyone.

I thank JoomlaCK for providing us the chance to improve the great but not so good looking Hikashop on the menu aspect.

We need to support all (good) Hikashop 3rd party developers: Hikashop still lacks quite much of qualitative plugins like this one.

My customers are happy, me too... What else? ;-)
Owner's reply: Hi
thank you for your great review :)

A piece of art!

Posted on 25 January 2013
Plenty has been said already.

Want a juicy story? I was working on a website that needed a pull-up menu to be sticked at the bottom of the browser window. I searched. Found some solutions. Tried them. Nightmares!

I discussed briefly with MaxiMenu CK dev. He assessed the feature, probably wondered if it would really add something to the product... and decided to do it. In less than a week, it was in, and with the quality of what I'm used to with JoomlaCK stuff...

Check out there... Nothing will bring you that much for that price, even if you buy all the various plug-in. By (really) far! And regarding a REAL pull-up menu, this is the only serious one. Or prove me wrong...

For me anyway, the most important to keep in mind is that:

This menu:

- works perfectly

- get plenty options to make it shine and different from one site to another

- benefit from a great support and regular updates

I just love it. You will to.
Owner's reply: Hi
thank you for your great review :)

How can you do without it???

Posted on 24 January 2013
Yes, you can hardly do a really personalized website without this amazing extension.

I finally bought the PRO version, even if the free version already brings quite much possibilities. Basically, just get it: you need it!

I hope it's gonna get even better, and that at some point it will be 100% compatible with other extensions' modules' backends.

In some case indeed, some extensions are not respecting certain standards for displaying the Joomla backends in the 'Modules' section, what makes the use of those extensions a problem (sometimes you cannot select options etc...).

I'm personally putting pressure on those developers, to make them update there products, but may be there's a way to get a 100% compatibility without this.

Anyway: you just need AdvanceModuleManager.
Owner's reply: Good on ya. Put that pressure on them! :)

So useful!

Posted on 24 January 2013
If only all other Dev were providing those kind Component!

We actually would probably buy more, being certain that we will always benefit from the newest versions of our purchase...

slick, clean and efficient menu

Posted on 15 September 2012
While it looks simple, you can play a lot with this menu.

It can become a very graphic and designed menu if you want.

You instal it in a breeze, options are easy to understand and it finally just works perfectly the way it is suppose to be. (Something not enough seen in extensions in my opinion).

What's even better: in order to place it on the homepage, I needed (for the homepage menu only, I'm using a second one for the other pages) to have an option to NOT have the active menu open: I contacted the developer to ask if he could, one day, add this option that I was actually missing big time for this use.

He emailed me with a smiley 2 hours after telling me that I could download a new version, with that option in!!! I'm not sure he can do that all the time of course, but that tells a lot.

And that version was perfectly working. Good code!

So I am please? yes!

And so will you.

Just try it!!

Advanced Module Manager

Advanced Module Manager

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Maxi Menu CK

Maxi Menu CK

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Make the same menu as on is a RESPONSIVE Megamenu, dropdown menu with multicolumns and multirows. You can also load some modules inside. iPhone, iPad, Android compatible. Virtuemart, Hikashop, Joomshopping, AdsManager compatible. This menu provides some advanced features : - Multicolumns AND multirows - Themes are responsive design - Mootools/jQuery dropdown with nice effects (ope...
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