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Easy to use, lots of options, great support

Posted on 09 May 2014
I use templates & extensions from Joomlashine and I have no complaints, only praise.

Imageshow allows you to have lots of different options, and the support for this, as well as everything else they provide, is prompt and helpful at all times.

Use Joomlashine!



Easy to install, easy to use!

Posted on 01 May 2014
With my first attempt at setting up email marketing I decided to try CMC. I have a Joomla 3.2 site and there weren't as many options as there are for 2.5

What an excellent choice I made!! This component was so easy to install, the instructions are very straigh-forward and I had my MailChimp account set up and tested within a couple of hours.

I can't comment on support, because I didn't need to use it, but that in itself is a positive thing!

MailChimp is so easy to use too, so if that's the way you want to mass-email then I recommend this extension highly.

Great component, great support

Posted on 17 May 2013
Bought this component hoping it would cater to my country, Ireland, because we have few address rules and no postcodes! JSPLocator allowed me to set up all my locations with specific lat/long settings, and I can display exactly the search fields I want.

The documentation is a little light, but I either found what I needed in the forum, or asked my own question and got a very prompt reply!

I must say I had no issues with support, Anurag was great.

If you want to show store locations and be able to filter to country/state/etc. then this will easily do the job.


Posted on 26 October 2012
This plug-in is exactly what I needed for single image pop-ups. It is so easy to install, and can be configured to work on all or some of your images.

The instructions on the website are really easy to follow too.

Well done!

Super form, super support!

Posted on 17 October 2012
I have a few different websites and I am using Proforms Basic on them all! I think it's a great extension, allowing me full flexibility for fields and the text I wish to display to the end-user (before & after sending). I am using it for basic contact forms, subscribing forms, and other types of communication.

I had an issue when upgrading (my own fault) and the support team were fantastic - after a couple of emails where I tried to do what they suggested they just did it for me!!

I currently only need the basic version, but as soon as a client asks for something more I will be purchasing the PRO version.

Great job by the guys at Mad4Media :-)

Great extension, super support!

Posted on 05 September 2012
I also am a "newbie" and this extension and the developer were a joy to work with.

Easy to install, easy to setup, easy to integrate with Paypal.

Any minor issues I had were either my lack of knowledge, or an unrelated Joomla/coding problem - but Bill helped me with all of them, even though he wasn't obliged to.

My client's site looks wonderful and the gift certificates are looking great!


Posted on 17 August 2012
I just downloaded and setup this extension for a business listing page on my site. It was done in 5 minutes!

Using the Joomla contacts is clever as it means I can maintain the business information without having to change an article each time (I originally was using a table in an article; not user-friendly).

It looks super! Highly recommended - and I am not a very technical person so if I can use it anyone can :-)
Owner's reply: Thank you so much for the review :-)
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