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just what I was looking for

Posted on 12 September 2014
This extension is just what I was looking for a long time.

I have only tested it with Facebook authentication but it worked like a charm and it was very fast to configure.

I'm going to translate it to 'pt-PT' and hope to have some money to donate in the future.

Excellent extension and support

Posted on 16 December 2012
I used this plugin in several projects without having any problem.

But some days ago I started having problems after updating this plugin. The map wasn't showing up and I contacted Mike to see if he could help me.

Mike was really fast in his reply and pointed out where was the problem comming from. It turned out to be a problem related to another plugin developed by myself that was causing a conflit with googlemaps plugin.

It's really great to have a free extension like this available to everyone with this high level of quality.
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