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Anything you need!

Posted on 25 April 2018
This extension is an example of good thinking and listening to users. I think these guys thought of almost every feature possible. Perfect!
Ease of use
Because of all the features there is some learning curve. But that's normal for such a great piece of software
Brilliant and with a lot of patience. No problem answering stupid questions...
As with all software it is a good idea to read the documentation. Can be a bit more in some details but over all fine
Value for money
Best value for money!
I used this to: Connecting serveral Google calendars to my website where I use ACL to give visitors, registered users and moderators of my calendars the preferred access. Works like a charm!

Good thinking, Flawless system

Posted on 06 September 2013
It's not the first time I use an extension from dj-extensions. But with this one they really did a good job again.

I needed a menusystem which was capable of displaying in several ways (columns, drop downs etc).

AND I needed a system which was easy extendable with custom themes. Well I tried a few other extensions to accomplish that, took me hours to even get close to what I wanted and after a good night sleep I remembered dj-extensions!

What a relief. Very easy theming, understandable css.

Only thing that would make life easier: put a lot of commenting in your css, explain what a class is doing, than theming will be a complete breeze.

Great extension.


Good extension, few enhancements possible

Posted on 04 September 2012
Bought this one because of all the good reviews. Had a small problem with the access token because it wasn't exactly clear (nothing in the documentation) how to get one for a public page (you don't need one, every access token will work), but support was very quick and clear!

Another small problem with changing the css and code within the php file.

At this point the help was also very quick and excellent. But I think it would be better to build this extension in MVC, so I don;t have to change the core files.

Maybe something for a later release?

Overall worth the investment!
Owner's reply: Hi Hans

Thanks for your review . Here are my clarifications .

About Access Token - Everything is clearly mentioned in the document attached with the module . Also i have posted the content of that document in my personal blog ( ) . You can see by our previous review's that how much people are loving the documentation .

Changing the css and code .

Your template was not coded properly thats why you have to add css in module's css file .

About MVC - I hope your understanding with MVC pattern is not very much clear . Also there is no need to change the core files sometimes css conflicts occurs but complete code is open any one can edit it .

I Hope you misunderstood things . Module is pretty handy and very easy to use with brilliant documentation . You can Check our previous reviews for that .
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