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FW Gallery

FW Gallery is Excellent!

Posted on 11 February 2013

I've been using it over a year without any problems.

Its a very nice addition to our Joomla 2.5 site.

I'm extremely happy that this product is kept current by the developer. A recent LAMPP upgrade killed its funtion, but only until I downloaded the current version that is available.


EFSEO - Easy Frontend SEO

A Must Have - It works PERFECTLY

Posted on 09 February 2013

I have always taken SEO work seriously and have tried many tools to make it an efficient and easy job.

I first used the paid version of AceSEF, It was cumbersome. Later I switched to SmartSEO - a huge mistake, I lost hours and hours of SEO work with that buggy extension.

I have now been using EFSEO for two months. NOT A SINGLE PROBLEM. It is easy and works PERFECTLY.

The fact that is saves the SEO information to the core database is key to its value and function, the other extensions that I used did not and that was a large part of their downfall.

Would it be possible to add H1 editing to EFSEO as well?

My only complaint is that I wish the developer had a support option that was instance (3-5) limited instead of time limited. I would like to send some money for future support but do not expect to use it in the next 31 days before it would expire.


Owner's reply: Hello John, thank you very much for your review! I will soon release a great free update for EFSEO: - Backend component to edit the entries directly - Use relative URLs to identify the entries - independent of domain changes - Collect URLs automatically for the backend component Then EFSEO will be even better than it is already! ;-) Please contact me via the contact form with more details for the H1 editing feature. Thank you for your suggestion. Yes, I also plan to change the subscription packages, so I will think about the lifetime subscription!

Simple Image Holder

Perfect - Works like a Charm

Posted on 28 January 2013

This Simple Image Holder combined with Noname's Advanced Module Manager is a perfect combination for putting photo's with text and links anywhere on my site.

I would never make another Joomla site without this combination of products.

Thank You !

Advanced Module Manager

An Absolute Must - Works Perfectly !!!

Posted on 27 January 2013

This well designed and well maintained addition is a must-have for any serious Joomla site. I cannot imagine building a site without using it !!!!

Excellent job Peter!

Simple File Upload

Works Perfectly -NOW- Does Exactly What's Needed

Posted on 11 November 2012

Lightning Fast Support & and a Great Product.

Anders' support was fast, accurate and effective. He found a conflict with a poorly behaving extension and solved the problem. This upload extension works perfectly. Would like to see directory uploads available.


Excellent !!

Posted on 09 September 2012

Easy to Install and Use. Works perfectly.

I use it to reset my 404 error page to zero every month or so.

Thanks tons for a great free tool.

EFSEO - Easy Frontend SEO

EFSEO - Easy Frontend SEO

Free | SEO & Metadata | Viktor Vogel
89 reviews
EFSEO is a SEO extension for Joomla! with which you can control all important metadata manually and automatically. The handling of the metadata in Joomla! has never been so easy! With the plugin you may change and add meta information (title, description, keywords, generator and robots) easily in the frontend and with the component in the backend. It does not matter which component you use. The plugin is active on every page of a Joomla! website and may be used correspondingly. The entered data can be stored directly in the core tables. The tables for the articles and menu entries are supported. The saved data is indepedent of the URL structure and the plugin itself. The metadata remain available if you change the URL structure and even if you uninstall the extension. In the Automatic mode the metadata of specified extensions are generated automatically from the data of the loaded page or in general from the plugin settings! The great advantage of EFSEO, compared with other extensions that also automatically generate metadata, is the direct influence on the generated metadata. You can manipulate and store it in the frontend. This gives the user the greatest possible freedom! In addition the loading process is quicker because the same data must not be recalculated on every page load. See project page for expert tips and operating instructions. With all features EFSEO is definitely one of the best SEO extensions for Joomla!. Features Alter meta information at the frontend - set access through user groups and user IDs Automatic Mode - Metadata are generated for certain extensions or via the global settings completely automatic Backend component - allows you to edit and add entries directly in the backend Data may be assigned to every given page, regardless which extension is in use. Meta data is assigned using internal URLs - independent of SEF URLs Compatibility mode for external SEF components Collect URLs - URLs will be automatically entered into the database and can be edit with the component Relative URLs - the entries are independent of the domain and will not be lost in a domain change Two different styles: Top bar and Modal window Supported extensions in the Automatic Mode Content component - com_content Save entered data directly into the core tables (content and menu) Define a global title, generator and robots attribute Define custom meta tags Word and characters counter Set maximum number of characters for title and description Form fields are optional - not required information can be disabled Warnings, whether an information is set or not, can be displayed You may change the following metadata: Title, Description, Keywords, Generator and Robots attribute Languages: English and German Download Joomla! 3 - Support The extension is completely free, but you need a subscription for support:
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Simple Image Holder

Simple Image Holder

Free | Images | Omar Muhammad
95 reviews
Simple Image Holder is a simple module that was made to help you easily put images (jpg, png, gif, etc..) or flash files (swf) in any module position in your joomla! site. its highly customizable, XHTML compliant, and totally free! you can use it to put your site logo, banners, announcements advertisements, flash mp3players, flash games, etc... Features (latest version) for all media types: * simply place any image type (jpg, gif, png, ..etc) or any flash file (swf) in any module position on your site. * you can change the size (width and height) of the (image/flash) to fit your need. * you can choose to publish and unpublish the (image/flash) according to dates: (a specific date, a monthly date, a yearly date, ..etc). * you can align the held object (image/flash) to center, left, or right. * you can add text above and/or below the held object (image/flash). for images: * you can link the image to a URL address. * you can change the opacity of the image. * you can add a (mouse over) opacity to the image. for flash files: * you can enable or disable flash looping after the flash finishes playing. * you can choose the flash's quality: (Low, Medium, High, Best, Auto Low, Auto High). * you can choose the flash's display type: (Window, Opaque, Transparent). any suggestions are welcomed..
Simple File Upload

Simple File Upload

Free | File Management | Anders Wasen
67 reviews
This is a very easy to use, yet powerful, upload file(s) module for Joomla. It can be as simple as just adding the directory to upload to, or you can chose to use any of the below listed functions. Version 1.3.5 is tested and verified on Joomla 3.3! !!!Security Release 2012-01-02!!! JED found an exploit in the code where they managed to upload a file named "file.php5". Unfortunately I had not added php5 to the blocked extensions list but now (version 1.3.5) it is added along with .php6 and an extra check to see if ".php" exists in the file-name! Please make sure to update to version 1.3.5 as soon as possible! UPDATE 2010-01-04: To be even more on the safe side I have now added code to inspect GIF comments. There is a new option called "Block PHP GIF comments" in the settings which is default set to "Yes" which will read any GIF comment and block the upload if the comment contains any PHP code! !!!Security Release!!! It includes the following key features: - Multiple modules on the same page with different settings - "Add Note" to uploaded files - Image re-size - Automated thumbnail creation for images - Image compress for JPEG and PNG - Now supports both "User Named Directory" and "User Defined Directory"! (see below) - CAPTCHA - List files in upload directory in pop-up (FancyBox) - Multiple files upload - Notification e-mail - And more... More features: - Integrated Ajax in Joomla framework - "Blacklist" of extensions (threat-protection) - Multi select file browser for FireFox 3.6+ versions - Info popup-box now contains the link (URL) - URL attached in e-mail notice - Redirect option after uploading - User Named Directory: You can set a root path for User Named Directories, e.g. "/home/users/" and then select which users should have the option to use the directory. - User Defined Directory: You can select from the list of users and add custom directory paths for the user. - Multiple choice of upload paths added. If a users has "User Named Directory" and/or "User Defined Directory" the user will get a pop-up box asking for the directory to upload to. - List files option from upload directory in "pop-up" - Form Fields can now be collected into the same file. A few JED Image Galleries are using a parameter file for labels/description of images. - Multiple languages. Joomla 3.0 is now supported! User Named Directories and User Defined Directories now also works on Joomla 3.+! Take care! Regards, Anders
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