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Works Well, Excellent Support

Posted on 03 October 2012
Very nicely designed, flexible, easy to use, good "quick guide" documentation. I encountered a glitch, apparently attributable to Community Builder. Moonsoft quickly provided patch to fix the problem.

Frustration and wasted hours

Posted on 02 October 2012
A year or two ago I tried a free version of Agora forum and liked it. I was once again looking for a forum component bought Agora Pro. I have now wasted seven hours because they included an erroneous instruction in their README_FIRST.txt (packaged with the component) -- namely, to install a plugin for Extended Reg. Silly me -- I figured the plugin was included with the software I bought. Why ELSE would their READMEFIRST file, which came packed in the software, tell me to install a plugin?

When I installed the plugin, the entire thing crashed.

Instead of email (they charge you for "support" via email), it's necessary to use their forum.

Sorry, but I'm not the least bit happy about following their instructions which, to my surprise, cause their component to crash...then waiting for hours for a fix (still not fixed).

Installation documentation: Lacking.

Support: Slow, attitude problem.

I've requested a refund.
Owner's reply: While your feedback is much appreciated, your rating and review are very unfair. You posted a problem on the support site and you received an answer within three hours (due to time zone differences). In your post you were also rather vague and did not say exactly where and what the problem was, only that AgoraPro did not work.  You installed an Integration AddOn for a component that you did not have installed on your site, which was the cause of your problem, and in the ReadMe file for that AddOn it instructs how and in what order the files should be installed. In your post on the forum you stated that you figured ExtendedReg was included in your package. We also include JomSocial and Community Builder integration. Did you think we also handed out free copies of those?  As with any integration AddOn/PlugIn, the component that AgoraPro should integrate with needs to be installed on your site in order to use it.
As far as the Support being slow, the other ratings speak for themselves. As far as having an attitude, you were the only one that was being rude. Even if it was not intentional, that is how it came across. In every post that a member from jVitals wrote, that member was always courteous and tried to get answers to help you solve the problem.  Many of the questions that were asked were also left unanswered.  In this respect, we ask you to re-think your rating and review and post one that is fair to both jVitals and yourself.
To prevent problems such as yours,  we have updated the ReadMe files so that other Joomla Beginners will not make the same mistake you did.
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