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Nearly perfect plugin!

Posted on 15 October 2017
It does the job for me. However, changing the errormessage in the plugin does not work, I had to change it directly in the code.
Ease of use
Once I knew the conventions and cleaned my .htaccess it was easy...
There is a brief explanation in the plugin itself. Brief, but enough.
Value for money
I used this to: I wished to have a menu exclusively accessible for just one IP-address. All other IP-addresses are redirected to another page, with a (changed) errormessage. I am happy now!

Just one issue

Posted on 24 October 2012
I Installed this component and module, and all seems to work (nearly) good. The component looks easy to use. The only issue: I cannot see appointments...

The module shows the title, but not an image with the appointments. I see just an empty border. I do not know if it is this extension or my computer that is failing. I contacted the developper a few weeks ago, but I still get no answer.

At this moment it does not work for me, so a not so good rating.
Owner's reply: I fixed some bugs, please try again
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