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Krotek Link visible

Posted on 20 June 2014
The module works great, but after paying for it, why do I have to show a link to their site... Went to the forum and it looks like its self posted content, praising the module... Surely you would think at least one person has commented about this!
Owner's reply: I'm not sure, which extension you are talking about, but this is a free module without any links to our site.

Support is terrible

Posted on 05 April 2013
Its a great system, but the support team is shocking. Forum posts asking for help are replied with links to previous issues, which are links to further issues. I felt as if I was going around in circles.

Many unanswered posts with comments that you have to have the version number, PHP version etc before they will answer. Thats not a problem for me, but I do know that some people are lost at this point.

Ive seen people so desperate that they offer cash for help. This is the only extension I have come across that seems desperate for help. I suppose that some (like me) use our sites as income, means that we are at the mercy off those that can assist.

I also suggest you view the admin area before taking the plunge. It looks ancient in design and style so some guesswork is needed.

I took there advice an voted for them... If they didnt treat users like dumb animals, it wouldnt be so bad.
Owner's reply: "Forum posts asking for help are replied with links to previous issues". A lot people dont search first, they directly start a thread with their question. The idea of a forum is that we answer one time and it helps 1000s people. But it does not really help, when 100s of these 1000 people create their own topic. So we just connect these topics.
It is often impossible to help without knowing the Version`number. Very often people claim a bug which is fixed since months. We start to search again to find out that the user has an outdated version.
Why should another enduser/volunteer help, if the person questioning does not provide the basics.
If someone shows that he is not reflecting his behaviour, it is very likely he did not read the manual and is too lazy to invest 10 minutes reading. Why the community should invest in this selfish person the 10 minutes? Why? The person does not even invest himself the 10 minutes, why the community should do it for him? Would you do it?
It seems you do not recognise that you was part of the community. How many questions did you answer?
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