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Functional and Flexible

Posted on 06 March 2015
Really impressed with the concept of this extension, the way it is so native to Joomla means you can also use other extensions with it.
Ease of use
Very easy to use the basic functionality, but it can also be used to develop very complex content which may require some understanding.
Really good! So important for an extension that can achieve so much.
growing all of the time. Its good but again the extension can achieve so many possibilities that ive had to resort to contacting developer.
Value for money
I used this to: two projects so far. So flexible, so native to work alongside joomla, and so many possibilities. One of the extensions I am happy to fully recommend!

Looked Promising, Didnt Deliver

Posted on 10 September 2013
I had seen this module no another website, wanted to use on ours. It looks to have good features but unfortunately on our site it didn't connect to twitter. Dev's support pages confirm similar issues from other people and had to move to another module. I hope the developer can iron out the issues if they get time.

Really good Extension

Posted on 11 June 2013
I wanted a full width responsive slider for my gantry based theme. I have just tried 4 extensions... this is only one that worked correctly. There are no hidden links, just a well built module based on flexslider js.

Cheers to the maker, good work!

A perfect solution

Posted on 20 June 2012
This plugin exceeded where others failed. The javascript is loaded in so it does not conflict with other extensions and the extension had enough features, that I only use a quarter of them!

Good work to herdboy for another great Herdboy extension, and for his very effective support around it.

Highly recommend if you are looking for a professional clean quick out of the box solution!
Owner's reply: Thanks for taking the time to make a Review, your appreciation is noted and it was a pleasure working with you.



Flexible and Powerful

Posted on 05 October 2011
As functional and powerful as you want it to be. Its just such a native fit with Joomla to extend its possibilities.
Ease of use
The basics of the extension are very easy to manage. There is some learning complexity in being able to extend it to suit your requirements
Outstanding. And for a product that is capable of many things this is important. The developer is approachable and offers helpful advice
Growing all of the time. The website and examples are good, but it is product that can achieve many different things.
I used this to: Ive used it for a couple of projects now. Both are quite complex in the automation of Joomla content linking to each other and for detailed entry forms for building the content.
I would really recommend this to anyone looking for a professional CCK solution.


Posted on 09 September 2009
Way to go Edvard!!!.. just what we required for a recent project!

I had a laugh when I saw you as the developer.. great stuff , thanks! Al

Good but does not Validate

Posted on 14 April 2008
This component is well worth using on your site, and the maker has gone to alot of effort to get the backend slick.

The google submit XML URL is very nice.

My only issue is that this component does not validate, I have tried in 4 templates and fresh Joomla installs.

Having contacted the developer about this, I didnt hear anything back.
Owner's reply: It does validate, you can see it here:

We have a forum to report problems and ask for help. I don't see your post there! Please feel free to ask for help in there, I'll glad to help you even when the problem isn't with Xmap!

excellent product and support

Posted on 13 March 2008
Just what we required, but was small issue with it not running correctly on 1.5 with .html extension suffix turned on.

The developer was aware of this and support was almost instant, helping us through this issue. (the developer is working to allow it to work with seo suffix's turned on).

An excellent example of an open sourced contribution backed by excellent support.

All the best pixpro labs.

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