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A great plugin

Posted on 10 September 2013
Is this the only one of its kind plugin with a both like dislike button!!??

An awesome plugin, I was easily able to customize it.

Would love to see a few more features like custom image, custom text etc!! Hope they keep updating the plugin.

Awesome Plugin!

Posted on 14 June 2013
This is really an awesome plugin!

I was using a plugin which hadn't been updated in a while and then I found this.

The support is really great even though this is a non-commercial plugin!! My doubt was answered in less than 12hours! How good is that?

I am using another plugin from these guys too.. This extension is great with a lot of possibilities in-built for customization..

Does as it says.. AWESOME!!

Posted on 09 June 2013
A superb tool.. Searched high and low for all the codes.. nothing worked.. Finally after 2 hours this tool!! Wonder how it didn't show up in the google searches

Thanks to Pleco for requesting them to add the redirect url!!

I am gonna donate.. soon hopefully..

Wouldn't know what I'd do without simple tools like these and their creators!!.. :D



Posted on 23 December 2012
Great Application.. I have been looking for an extension which integrates jcomments and FB and this does just that!!!!! LOVE IT!! Thanks a lot guys!! :D

Good product

Posted on 30 November 2012
Would have wanted some more functionality like "I agree" or " I have seen" seen radio button..

But its a pretty good product, simple and does what it says!!

Thanks for this extensions..
Owner's reply: Hi,
thanks for taking your time posting a review. I have put the "I agree" function in what I call the "Disclaimer version" which is a paid extension.
I got way too many requests from dubious sites and I really didn't like the idea of people selling "adult" stuff using my free extensions... Sorry about that, but at least you know there is a commercial version of it now...


WoW!! Great Extension!!

Posted on 30 November 2012
A great extensions, I am setting up a new site and can't yet afford all those big community builder plugins etc..

But just to show the Authors list and their articles wow!! what a great extension!! Simple and does what it says..

Solves such a load of headache.. I am gonna donate for sure when I have the money..!!.. :D

Thank You guys!!
Author List

Author List

By Jesus Vargas Garita
Content infos
Manages your content authors so your visitor can go to their pages either in a blog or a sortable article list table layout. Once you have properly created your desired author instances (each attached to a specific user) in the backend, you can create different types of Author List menu items: A list of your authors An article list or blog layout from a specific author with or without a "Select...
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