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Share Buttons by E-MAILiT

Share Buttons by E-MAILiT

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E-MAILiT Social Sharing Buttons is changing the way content is shared across the open web, making the world more connected. This Joomla social sharing extension helps people share, follow, bookmark, and email their posts and pages using 180 social network website destinations. Sharing anything, anywhere, made easy. Sophisticated features and unique functionalities, without coding - Global Share Button (more sharing options) - Choose from 180 sharing and following services - Drive social traffic and increase engagement and monetization on your site - No ads (it can be turned off anytime). No branding. No clutter. You can completely remove the E-MAILiT branding and add your logo to make the share buttons entirely your own! Make it look like you paid for this customized solution without spending a dime - Complete Mobile Sharing Support - High customization with no website registration. No signup, no login, no user accounts to manage - Automatic Google Analytics integration for sharing analytics - Display share counts on posts and pages - Loads asynchronously so your content always loads first - Many more web publisher and user features Looking for Premium Service? Want to get more? We offer Solutions for every Business. While you enjoy our awesome features, you'll also have access to: - 24/7 Dedicated Development Support to help you manage your solution at scale - Unique Design Customization and Tailor Made Tools - Full Implementation, Custom Integration and Strategy Support
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