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Poor Support and Documentation

Posted on 27 November 2013
I purchased this 40.00 Euro product with the intention of converting my english site to multilingual and offer my user base options.

The vendor offers 2 options which the differences are support not knowing that the documentation for the 40.00 euro option is very poorly documented.

The forum is not useful at all and it lacks reported issues.

I am very sorry to give this product a low review since I did research on other products and this was the one that seemed the most complete and easy and comprehensible. But I was wrong.

My recommendation is to create videos for easy comprehension and focus on the errors that the users might receive.
Owner's reply: Hi,

We are quite surprised you say that the support is poor without having requested support at any time.

Regarding the forum and documentation, the facts are:

Users Questions & Answers section: 70 topics , 273 replies
Support section: 44 topics , 162 replies

Documentation :
- 10 pages User Manual:
- FAQs :
- What's wrong :
- Troubleshooting :
- Online help (10 documents)

- KMFasTrans Overview (4:44 min):
- Building Multilingual Sites with Joomla! and KMFasTrans (12:58 min) :
- Managing Joomla! Multilingual websites with KMFasTrans (18:38) :
- Practical Multilanguage Websites (1 hour) :

And if all that is not enough there is the personalized support using the forum or the ticketing application depending on the subscription type.

Please, ask for technical support whenever you need it. We are willing to help.


Posted on 14 November 2013
While this component was easy to install and others have provided good reviews I cannot find the component to work out of the box and with little or no explanations to errors.

Setup up two domains and had countless hours of following the help documentation but I was no able to locate the error redrection error.
Owner's reply: In most cases the redirection problem is caused by a .htaccess redirection or a so called "Alias-Domain", which points to a different folder.

Sometimes the backend notice lies.

You will will be absolutely sure that your setup is fine, when you run in your browser http://theone.tld/index.php&option=com_virtualdomains
and http://thesecond.tld/index.php&option=com_virtualdomains.

you should see a single line:




If that fails, the best advice is to contact th ISP.

In general, it is not a problem of VD.

Dow not work properly out of the box

Posted on 08 July 2012
I am writing this review after giving their support over one month to resolve my issue. I normally dont white bad reviews but since this is a commercial app it deserves someone else to know before they buy.

This products checkout feature does not work out of the box, I literally wasted weeks of research and work wo get no where. I even mentioned mentioned to support that I was giving them time before I write a review. When I click on checkout it does not give the options its just wont allow you to continue, no errors and no warnings displayed. Its just a dead end.

I tried reinstalling to the latest version as suport suggested, did not work.

I tried changing some of the jquery featues and it did not work.

I tried using free check out and it did not work.

Sorry for the bad review but ites well deserved.
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