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Great Extension!

Posted on 27 December 2013
Thank you! SO easy to use, and even complex Vcard info scans with ease. I appreciate your generosity in giving this to us!
Owner's reply: You are welcome :-)

Excellent Extension!

Posted on 06 December 2013
I do not know how I was able to run my sites before I installed this. There are so many undetected errors that can happen which are picked up by ACL MANAGER and remedied immediately.

In addition, when I did have a question, Sander responded instantly with the exact troubleshooting method I needed. From my experience, everyone using Joomla should be using this extension- absolutely worth it! Thank you!

GREAT Plugin!

Posted on 25 October 2013
Works flawlessly- thank you! I was very dismayed with the difference in height in my frontpage modules when displaying article intro text of varied word length. This completely fixed the problem!


Posted on 17 October 2013
Thank you! I just installed to work with the Zoo extention in a Yootheme template and it works beautifully! I was tearing my hair out before trying to figure out why I could not make multiple pages inherently with JCE editor. Your extension is the solution.


Posted on 17 October 2013
Kickstart saved my proverbial life last night- I restored a completely non-functional site from a recent backup with flawless precision in 10 minutes. Pure genius- everybody needs to use your extensions. I am a paid member of Admin, but will also purchase a Backup subscription as well.


Posted on 22 March 2013
I signed up for use of FCCHAT just two days ago and ran into an installation issue. I contacted support and received a response and solution before the next day- I had an incompatible script-modifying plugin that was of no use anyway. Now the FCChat module works flawlessly. I love the features, the customization potential and the VERY FAIR price which inspires users to extend their subscription for the lifetime of their project. Thank you for this great product which shall surely benefit many people, both webmasters and users alike! Get this extension for your site!


Posted on 23 February 2013
THANK YOU and million times! After weeks of labor, I would STILL be fretting over my layout had I not stumbled upon your extension by accident. Everyone needs this- the options are amazing, there are no conflicts, no glitches! You have made a real difference in my life. Best to you!


Posted on 13 January 2013
Worked the minute I installed on Yootheme! Thank you!

EXCELLENT extension!

Posted on 05 January 2013
Thank you so much for this extension! Not only is it useful for creating markup, but it also allows for the insertion of markup already written- which up until now was a huge problem in Joomla, as it was stripped immediately upon save regardless of settings. I encourage ALL webmasters to purchase this extension, as markup is here to stay and is an essential SEO tool. I have seen a dramatic result in control over search engine results using schema markup. GET THIS!


By Bernard Saulmé
Article Elements
This plugin add the ability to split a long article into multiple linked pages. The splits are added using the 'Page break' button editor. The plugin add extra feature compare to the default Joomla pagebreak plugin. Key features Split a content or a personal page into a multiple linked pages Compatible with the Joomla articles, BS MyJspace personal page content, K2 items & category list, ZOO fo...
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