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Great Plugin with huge flexibility

Posted on 02 June 2016

Just great. There are so many possiblities to use the plugin.

Ease of use

After understanding the concept its quite easy to use.


Great Support. Fast and effective.


Very good Documentation.

I used this to: In Combination with the Slider Plugin to show featured articles.

JUNewsUltra Pro

Great Module

Posted on 11 January 2013

Thank you. JUNewsUltra Pro is really a great Module. Very flexible and a lot of possibillities! There are only two things i miss: There is no easy way to disable the linked Title. (Of course i can do that in the template, but a checkbox would be great). The other thing is, i am looking for a module to use as a "Automenu". That means the active-state should be shown for the selected link.

At least, it would be nice to have a documentation or a forum in english.

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