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No support at all

Posted on 20 September 2018
This extension used to work but with the upgrade of technology and no support, it no longer works and breaks the whole setup.
Ease of use
I am experienced with Joomla so had no problems setting it up initially.
There is some kind of documentation but it is not updated.
I used this to: Filtering company projects.

Excellent import tool for K2

Posted on 14 February 2014
It is very intuitive, you just make an export first, then you fill your data in the columns and you import. Works like a charm! Keep the good work up.

A nice surprise

Posted on 19 January 2014
Usually I download a module with the thought in mind that I will have to do a lot of adjustments. This comes with everything i could think of out of the box...even an overlay layer. Good job, keep it up.

Good extension. Great support.

Posted on 16 October 2013
I bought this extension to save some time on a product scroller for virtuemart. It is easy to install for someone who knows this way around Joomla.

The thing is that i notices a slight bug of the product images. I got in touch with the developer and he answered my email right away, then he fixed the bug and sent me a new version.

Now after a bit styling the module is working perfectly for what I need it to and it saved me a lot of time.

Thanks and keep up the good work and the good support.

Truely awesome component. The best CCK out there!

Posted on 28 January 2013
Ok, i usually don't comment, but i decided to create an account just to share that this is the BEST CCK for joomla out there. I spend many hours reading the documentation of many of them, and most needed club memberships for some basic functionality.

This extension is free, very flexible, very light, has advanced search, has CSV import and with just with a tiny bit of PHP, SQL and CSV you can make a huge database in a day!

Really great, I want to thank the developers for the great work, keep it up!
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