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Very helpful extension and responsive support

Posted on 13 May 2013
The extension is a real time-saver. It works quickly and well. If you have a lot of articles you need to link to, and need to avoid the problems of orphaned content, the component will greatly simplify the process.

I had a few initial "glitches" with the download and install, which were resolved via email.

Additionally, I wanted to be able to link content to more than one menu, something not originally supported. I asked the developer to make a change to allow a user-specified suffix to the auto-generated alias to enable this, and am happy to report that a new version with this capability was done in just a day or two. With that change, I'm happy to give the extension a top rating.

I would like to see the developer choose a better method of handling downloads and updates for the software, as it was a rather manual process to resolve the initial download issues. (I don't count that against the extension itself.)

A Useful and Improving Component

Posted on 29 January 2013
This component is evolving. It started out good, and with the developer's EXCELLENT support, has continued to improve. I needed a sold category to accommodate my dealer, and he was both fast and friendly in helping get it done. The component displays the vehicles very nicely. A good choice for exactly what it is designed: A single dealership. The cost is very reasonable.
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