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Decent Component and Great Support

Posted on 09 September 2015
Overall it has everything my client needed to run a job board, so excelent.
Ease of use
Fairly easy to set-up and customise once you find where everything is.
Fantastic support! There were some small bugs on the new release and the developer was super fast to respond and fix then for us.
Value for money
It's not a cheap component, but given it works well out of the box and the support is great I think it's a fair price.
I used this to: Client job board in a recruitment agency.

Fantastic App & Support!

Posted on 21 February 2013
This has to be the best subscription app on JED. It works out the box, requires next to no set-up and for the one small issue I had the support was 1st class.

Stop looking and just buy this one!
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