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Posted on 12 October 2013
The quality of Unite's products is just incredible. And the support that they give is just as great. I got the free version of their slider, and it was superb... but had one small issue with Safari. Even with the problem it was hands down the best slider I'd ever seen. I contacted them and explained the problem. Their response time was within 24 hours. And their solution... a free upgrade! The Pro Slider is not only the best slider I've seen, but simply one of the best Joomla extensions I've seen. I only manage about 4 Joomla sites over the last 6-7 years, but these people have NO COMPETITION. They are THE best. In fact I challenge anyone to show me a free extension as good as this one.


Posted on 09 August 2013
This is the best simple extension I've seen in a long time! Straight forward, easy to use, easy to install, and it works! In some respects, accessing article settings from the cpanel is an improvement over ANY joomla native process. In the end, the mark of any great extension is a balance between how critically needed it is, and how well it's executed. This little tool should go in the Joomla extension hall of fame.

GREAT Photo Slider!!

Posted on 04 June 2013
This is the type of extension that many many joomla sites need, and many joomla extension makers need to achieve; EASY to install, EASY to administer! Keep in mind that I've only had it a week, but based on what i've seen, the programmer must have had people use it a lot before it was released. Sophisticated like expensive software. GREAT JOB!
Unite Nivo Slider

Unite Nivo Slider

By Unite Cms
Unite Nivo Slider is a Nivo Slider extension for Joomla. It consists of a module and a component for maximum convenience, and has all the features that the original Nivo Slider js plugin has. Also, it is "pure" coding without any links back or author trademarks in the code. You may use it freely on your website without any worries for hidden content. It's very friendly to designers and coders, s...
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