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Nice. But ...

Posted on 22 February 2014
A really good working plugin with functions you do not find at similar free extensions.

Unfortunately it is for smaller sites, as it can't handle caching.
Owner's reply: You can still handle the chace from your Apache website configuration:


Posted on 15 February 2014
Raxo delievers a really brillant solution, with options a few - if any - other extensions are capable of.

But ... In sites with a high number of categories and articles, the module fails and becomes useless - because it makes the site load magnificent slower. We discovered this, while our site grew bigger.

For smaller sites, it is still a good and well looking module. It's easy to adjust the CSS, too.
Owner's reply: Lots of our clients who successfully use this module on huge sites definitely won't agree with you.

Sooner or later any big and popular site requires performance optimization. When this moment came for your site, all you needed to do was to contact support. We have several forum topics devoted to this issue and friendly Joomla experts who are always ready to help. Whenever a problem occurs, it can and must be solved.

In your review you openly praise our module: "really brilliant solution, with options a few - if any - other extensions are capable of" and "well looking module". Sounds like "six stars out of five", but you give one of the lowest scores. Looks strange and unfair.
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