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Posted on 14 May 2013
I have found this to be one of the most useful components for my website. It's simple to use, and when it's configured correctly (I'm still new to Joomla stuff), it's just a simple editor button that allows you to add a file for readers to download. No more adding files and attaching them. You just add them - it's that easy.

Exactly What I Needed

Posted on 17 April 2013
Compare for K2 works great for my site. Even more, the Styleware support is very fast and helpful. This is a super neat feature that works well with Filter for K2.
SP Download

SP Download

With SP Download you can attach and edit files from the front end as well as from the administrative back end. This is the core Joomla Media Manager with the ability to easily upload and attach files to articles and all other types of content. Many times we want to attach files for download in our articles. We needed an easy way to do that, and unfortunately Joomla Media Manager allowed only imag...
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