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JExtBOX Article Auto Manager

Useful and comprehensive

Posted on 10 January 2016

This module/plugin provides extensive functionality for managing articles based on a variety of criteria.

Ease of use

Component isn't difficult but requires thought. Tabs are well presented with on page documentation. Requires logic skills. Publish plugin!!


Support is mostly via QA although I had cause to use a support function for my jextbox ID which was automated and whilst simple was effectiv


Documentation is available via support page and in the component and whilst it is not fully explanatory you can work through easily enough.

Value for money

Exceptional value at $15US the developer would need to sell a truckload to cover dev time... appreciate making available at this price.

I used this to: I use this in conjunction with another article manager and F2Content system to automate the timed "un-publishing" of user created content. Works effectively, provides me with a smart, flexible solution. Being able to create multiple rules makes it capable of managing all content.

Auto unpublisher

Works well would like to see true un-publish feature

Posted on 10 January 2016

This plug-in works well however it does not truly un-publish articles rather ads an expiry date meaning articles still show during searches.

Ease of use

Installed no problem at all and was very simple to set up. All plug-in parameters were pretty much self explanatory.


Have not had cause to use support at this point. so can not comment.


Documentation was sufficient to get working properly. Probably not for first time Joomla users but limited experience and a brain only req'd

Value for money

This component does not cost a fortune and works as expected.

I used this to: Managing content on a site for publishing obituaries and funeral notices. unfortunately I will require the article to become unpublished rather than just have an expiry date added.

Form2Content LITE

A must have component

Posted on 05 October 2015

This component does exactly what it sais it does without any problems. With some smarty template knowledge you can work wonders!

Ease of use

Read the instructions; If you do this component is not too difficult to use. Documentation can be daunting but persevere it's well worth it!


Excellent support so far with reasonably quick responses to questions posed. Easy to use forum where you will find many answers 2 the basics


Documentation is extensive however I am not prepared to give 100%. It sometimes falls short for the novice. Better than some though 99/100.

I used this to: My client wanted a site where information could easily be entered into front end form and then produce clean articles with the same layout. Ability to modify based on input was also required. All achieved with this component (pro version) and relevant plugins... Highly recommend!


Versatile component, modules, menu items & plugins

Posted on 18 July 2015

The components provide out of the box functionality for "groupbuy" types sites including a useful template. A vast array of options to use.

Ease of use

Everything works "out of the box", sensible options allowing you to shape how the component acts and looks. Not complicated Quick n easy!


Absolutely sensational! 2nd 2 none. Developer responded quickly, courteously & did not shy away from modifications supporting my objectives.


Relatively good compared 2 many other extensions I've used. Extensive in extension help is available and makes set up and configuration easy

Value for money

Reasonably priced 4 quality of this extension & developer was reasonably priced 4 minor modifications. Developer "bulk" buy worth investment

I used this to: I've successfully used this component 2 create a site for a local community retail group who required groupbuy & limited buy offers 2 registered site members. Using with Joomla and JSN template framework with minor mods. Robust and well written. Recommended. Cheers Shooter.


Sensational Support, TOP NOTCH Component

Posted on 12 November 2013

I will start by saying that Hordur (the dev'per) has been extremely helpful in trying to fix an issue I am having with this component and trying to identify the problem. The component itself (and module) is SENSATIONAL! There is something special about a component that does what it is described as being able to do in a way that is simple yet powerful. I evaluated several reservation components for a single property application and was looking for a lot of flexibility in pricing and discounts... Icebooking was right on the money and provides everything I needed. Installation of the module and component worked first time and set up was simple and logical with great flexibility in pricing, discounts and specific day/date range pricing. The module is flexible too! There were no conflicts with other components and everything just worked "out of the box" - Thanks Hordur for a great component and modules I'm looking forward to the next release - If you haven't tried this component do! I have paid the reasonable price for support and registration and will use this component again in the future if the opportunity presents itself - Get on board! Cheers Shooter.


Easy to use well thought out module!

Posted on 31 October 2013

I'm not sure why I have bypassed Phoca components, modules and plugins; They all seem to be excellent and I will never ignore again!

This particular module is easily configured provides flexibility to display your Phoca Galleries and has sensible options for a module of it's style.

The module description is accurate and the Phoca website is full of useful content, active forums and great demo's of all their work.

As a Non-Commercial version of a module there is nothing left wanting.


First time experience with Phoca's suite of developments on my 2.5.14 joomla test site I rate them all highly.

They installed with no trouble at all and provided simple hints on how to activate. In particular I was impressed with the idea that you had the option to install or update components (I didn't try update only install but I assume it works as seamlessly as the modules)

I'm looking forward to integrating into my live sites along with the Gallery Component and other Phoca plugins.

Really impressed - Thanks so much for your contribution.


Great, Simple and Easy to use!

Posted on 03 April 2013

JUBlog has provided some great functionality for my site. It is simple to use (if you follow the simple instructions) and does what it sais it will do. The support from the developers site was excellent and there was an update provided to fix a small issue I was having. The developers site is in Spanish I think and difficult to navigate if you don't speak that language BUT I posted in English and the response was in English so who can complain.

Thanks for a great simple yet functional component.

Form2Content LITE

Form2Content LITE

Free | Content Construction | Open Source Design
56 reviews
Create 100% NATIVE Joomla articles using simple forms with front-end submission! Resize pictures with upload feature and set permission for new articles. All html is defined in article templates for consistent layout. Our goals is to make managing Joomla articles as easy as possible. Instead of using one html-editor (wysiwyg) you can define a simple form with fields in Form2Content. The field data like text, images, links etc. are than placed into an article template. Together this creates the normal Joomla article. You can even see it in the Joomla article manager! Front-end article submission (ACL based) Form2Content also allows users to submit Joomla articles in the front-end via the front-end article manager. Using the Joomla ACL you can set whether you see all articles or just your own or whether you can edit, create or delete articles. Article templating To create the 100% Joomla articles we 'paste' the form data into article templates. Together the data and template layout forms the Joomla article html. In the article template you can add html layout, framework css, Joomla content plugin syntax or even modules if you like. This way your user who submits the form needs no knowledge of this. And what's more, all your articles for each content type look the same! 3rd party Extensions compatible We are "Joomla compatible"! Since Form2Content creates Joomla articles we work with all extensions that use com_content but also with all Joomla content plugins. This way you decide which review extension, gallery plugin or slideshow you want to use. Main features of Form2Content - F2C creates 100% NATIVE JOOMLA ARTICLES (com_content) - Front-end article manager (ACL based) - Article submission without HTML knowledge (forms) - Article templating (include conditions) - 3rd party plugin & module compatible - YOU decide which gallery, slideshow, review or commenting system etc. you want to use. Form2Content LITE is our free GPL version of Form2Content PRO. Please find a comparison chart of functions on the homepage. Other F2C extensions include XML Export, Search component & module and KML export.
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