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A hidden gem

Posted on 10 October 2013
Having previously developed Wordpress sites I was struggling with implementing the equiv of Wordpress landing pages in Joomla given the way Joomla URLs are constructed.

This plugin is the answer. Its free, it took less than 5 mins to install and activate and it means I can have simple URLs like

It should also be cross posted in the Landing pages catgory of the JED.

Good extension with great support.

Posted on 09 October 2013
For me the mark of a good extension is when you get great support to go with it.

Setting up streaming from Amazon S3/Cloudfront isn't the easiest task in the world,

Rudolph the developer went beyond his remit in helping me with issues on S3 that weren't strictly to do with his Extension at all but more to do with me doing things wrong on S3. The extension isn't perfect, there are a few minor bugs but nothing too problematic and I have faith they will be fixed given the quality of the rest of the support I received.

If you need to stream or download content from S3 via protected links on your Joomla site then this is the extension for you.

Great professional product and support

Posted on 03 July 2013
This is a great component, it seamlessly replaces the default login system with a good looking and configurable login and registration module.

It does everything I need, was easy to use and had great support. I logged a support ticket and although the problem turned out not to be with this extension but with K2 the support guy helped me fix it anyway. I think that's great support.
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