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Must have extension for k2 based magazine sites

Posted on 01 June 2016
Plugin added nice looking and functional Next / Previous article buttons with background images pulled from the source article.
Ease of use
Plugin had a few configurable options which made it simple to assign which k2 categories to assign them to as well as default behaviours.
Took a while to resolve some issues through support but they were eager to help and when they were needed they delivered.
Documentation is through and un-confusing. Additional documentation on basic troubleshooting might be useful as the forums are bare.
Value for money
Very reasonably priced for the impact it can make to your k2 powered website.
I used this to: Community gaming website at as an alternative to standard k2 navigation links.

Brilliant Support

Posted on 05 July 2013
Having previously used HD Flv Player and now needing a more community focused video sharing solution for my website investing in HD Video Share was a no brainer.

Initially I had problems with the component not working correctly in a number of fairly significant ways - including the html5 fallback - but this was all resolved quickly by the support team who bent over backwards to help me.

My only quibble with HD Video Share is the lack of stand alone module or plugin which forces a reliance on HD Flv Player also being installed to display content in content items or as a stand alone module. There is also no common video library between the two components which makes managing videos for HD Flv Player and Video Share a bit of a pain.

Despite the above, the component works really well IF you don't have any issues with the base installation. If you do, an email discussion with Support will no doubt resolve any issues very quickly.
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