Profile: Manel


No funciona

Posted on 07 June 2016
Value for money

Good design

Posted on 08 October 2014
Very configurable

No conflicts with other modules

Spend the css and html validator



Does what it says

Posted on 08 October 2014
Finally a simple and direct plugin.

Very easy to use

Thanks to the author

Requires registration to download

Posted on 06 July 2014
You have to leave personal information such as phone and address.The extension works quite well in Joomla 2.5.

Good plugin

Posted on 21 June 2014
Integrates seamlessly with any template.

Easy and nice, thanks!

Excellent plugin

Posted on 25 May 2014
Perfect for inserting videos in articles.It has a professional look.

Thank you very much to the author

Good extension

Posted on 29 April 2014
Easy to set up and very effective.

Additional protection

Good extension

Posted on 17 August 2013
Works great on joomla 2.5 but lacks to specify the height and width which is necessary in some module templates
Owner's reply: It's worth noting however that the slider doesn't have these options as it's responsive.

It will always be 100% width of it's container element and the height will be based off the image at 100% width.

Thanks for the nice review either way!
TZ Guard

TZ Guard

By TemPlaza
Site Security
This is a simple plugin which will help you to security your site. The administrator will be protected by a security code. Furthermore you can define a blacklist IP to refuse connection from spam ip and block the BOT system to access your site....
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