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great portfolio component

Posted on 23 November 2013
I stumbled over this fantastic portfolio by chance while browsing the extro media site.

I was interested in a other one of their modules and was wondering why this portfolio was not yet in the JED at this time, so I asked them and the answer was that it was still pending and had to be approved by a JED member, but it was already available in their shop.

I took a look at the demo, was impressed, bought the component and installed it on my site.

What can I say - I was convinced from the very first moment.

This is really the best portfolio component I've ever seen and used, full of features, but easy to use.

It looks great in the frontend, you have multiple filters and you can not only use it as a portfolio, you can also use it as a gallery, as K2 article list, or even as a VM product list.

So I decided to write a review when the JED entry is published.

I'm completely happy with this component and really can recommend it.

You all reading this should at least take a look at the demo and convince yourself that this portfolio is really the best and easiest you've ever seen!

Thanks for this fantastic component!
RPC - Responsive Portfolio
Paid download

RPC - Responsive Portfolio

By extro-media
This Portfolio component uses a easy, effective, uncomplicated and rapid item creation process, allows you to set any number of main filters and related tags for it. The frontend offers cool effects, multifiltering, sorting, grid- and listview, additional information about each item and much more, which makes this extension more than a simple component. Overview of main features of the rpc:...


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