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Same as Joomla core canonical

Posted on 28 November 2013
First of all these component is same as Joomla core canonical, it is adding rel=canonical on every link that you have on site, nothing special specially for SEO.

That is smaller thing, big down for support, they are not responding om emails, it seems like they only wanted to take your money and no answer from them, 'cos there is no any money back guarantee,at least support need to be responsive
Owner's reply: Regarding the Canonical in Joomla core works by bringing the link or url of the current page turned on and create tags. It is just adding rel = "canonical" in every pages that already turn on.

The tag is create from a plugin system - sef which unlike Canonical Extension of CMSPlugin.
Because our system creates a tag canonical by checking through the menu that show as the main content first. Then the Canonical system would know which link should be chosen as the
first one. And the selection is based on a rule of canonical documentation.

And another difference, other components (third party) can be added into the system by the determination rel = "canonical" correctly as well.
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