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Good and free

Posted on 04 June 2015
Does what it should. simple.
Ease of use
Easy as can be
Not needed
Value for money
I used this to: Placing QR codes on web pages. Works fine. More formating options of and around the QR code would be nice but not a biggie.

Great idea.. Hope this generates more user/developer momentum for Seblod

Posted on 15 February 2014
I am making just a general statement about this extension: Seblod is a great application development environment for Joomla. However, it lacks much in documentation, external developers and forums support. Seblod can do a lot more than extend content - it can be used as an applications development environment.

This apps packaging extension hopefully will lead to some of the great developers using it to contribute new content modules and applications to give Seblod higher visibility and momentum.

Among the best and clean - no call backs

Posted on 11 September 2013
I have tried several social login module/components and this now ranks as among the best.

A problem with all of these is the social sites have increased and are not stable. This makes it a headache for component suppliers to keep up and satisfy Joomla! users. Many developers seek to make a business from supplying social login and reporting tools. This pushes them to proprietary link backs which is led to some being barred from Joomla!.

HS users package provides a clean set of tools for user registration and login. The documentation is basic and I have found some tweaking of call back URLs was necessary. The overall result is that it works without links to the developer. I haven't used it yet, however it's possible to embed the social login using a few lines of PHP code as described the developer site. That feature can probably prove to be very useful to many Joomla! users.

The documentation can use improvement but otherwise I recommend this package be among the first, if not the first to consider for social registration and login.

Cannot recommend: drops, offline, apparent conflicts

Posted on 30 August 2013
I tried Cloudflare, first as a free offering from the shared host Hostmonster and, when that seemed to cause problems, as a direct subscriber to the service. Problems came up in when working in the Joomla administrator. Turning off the service using the Cloudflare control panel seemed to take considerable time for their network to flush their caches. The more troubling problem was offline pages refresh mismatches.

I can't say that my explanation of what was causing the problems is accurate.. I did not waste time trying to figure it out as I just dropped the service and shifted to use of Google CDN which just works.

Great site performance extension

Posted on 01 June 2013
I tried others and they broke page loads and did not provide the degree of control needed to troubleshoot and get around them. JBETOLO has controls and tweaks for almost anything that can speed up a website.

The development group supporting it also appears very active so that bugs and improvements are being pursued. I think that is important because Joomla, script libraries, and the cloud CDN services are rapidly evolving.

One bummer: After spending time doing tweaks to my apache server, a single-click in this extension modified the .htaccess file that I had spent ~30 minutes searching, reading, and patching configuration files on the server!

This extension is the Swiss Army Knife of speed tweaks for Joomla.

For me, this is the best site performance tool, easily five stars.

A much needed addition to Joomla in order to becmoe a mobile capable platform

Posted on 08 April 2013
Most limitations stem from this being a mobile device application. I am using an Android 4.0 smartphone with a 5.3" screen. The input using the touch-screen is OK but is limited by my slow keyboard skills on mobile devices. Can't blame Joooid for that. I would expect improvement in typing using a touch screen tablet.

Using Google voice recognition input speed up entry quite a bit. Recognition is almost as good as a desktop app. It is more awkward to make corrections, however, that is the limitation of the device not Jooid.

I took a couple of test pictures: when submitting/uploading the articles I got a server error message. However, the articles did upload and the picture looked good... again that is device dependent.

This module/plugin works well for free.. If I find that I make use of it, I will be glad to pay for the pro version.

Nice features, easy and CSS customization to boot.

Posted on 20 February 2013
An excellent TAG module that combines most wanted features and a few extras such as Wikipedia definitions look-up. I found the built-in CSS edit feature to be both a problem solver for a conflict and a way to extend/modify the visuals.

Excellent extension; compact and easy

Posted on 15 January 2013
An excellent component that works well with other modules and does not impose a structure or changes to core Joomla! files or custom tags, etc. that are a mess with some content components and, thus to be avoided imo.

Pages and Items is a component that should be installed even if you run a fairly static website... just occasional use will make it worthwhile. On the otherhand, if you are doing an upgrade of Joomla, importing content, a major reorganization/reclassification of content, checking for broken/changed internal or external links, this component should be of great help.

Works well among he best

Posted on 21 April 2012
This has several button choices which allowed me to use it where others would not look good. Also, it just works which is better than I can say for a couple of other free social share modules I tried.

Simple and effective for article and page QR-Codes

Posted on 10 April 2012
I would give it five stars except that it is limited in functionality from what I am looking for.

The module provides, basic, clean looking QR codes for page/article URLs. It allows for opting out of author URL link... thanks!
RSForm! Pro
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RSForm! Pro

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Modules Manager CK
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Modules Manager CK

Modules Management
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CopySafe PDF

CopySafe PDF

By ArtistScope
Site Security
Joomla Extension for CopySafe PDF Protection Insert CopySafe PDF into Joomla using "shortcode". This extension enables the insertion of encrypted PDF documents created by CopySafe PDF into Joomla posts and pages with shortcode. The resulting embedded document object is supported in popular web browsers across all Windows computers starting from XP (92% of net users) up to the current version....
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