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In a word ... Perfect!

Posted on 14 May 2015
All you need for the testimonials, you have various template to choose and customise and you can add all fields that you need.
Ease of use
Very simple to use and come with sample data.
I used support for various components, this one is the best. They are fast, polite and competent. They had a solution for all my question.
Component self explained with sample data.
Value for money
It is a very good offer what all you have.
I used this to: I use the component and module to manage the testimonials for our holiday homes website. It is very useful because I can categorize the testimonials so I have pages with the testimonials of the single house and a page with the testimonials of all houses.
2J Content Gallery
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2J Content Gallery

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2J Content Gallery - easy and very useful gallery component. All gallery interface elements are highly customizable. We do not use images in our content gallery interface elements, namely all borders shadows and panels are generated based on CSS. You can easily customize it to fit content gallery to the style and colors of your website or some particular page block. Gallery Overview You can inse...
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