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Posted on 10 February 2014
I Installed the module and found the needed codes from facebook using the user guide provided. Even if facebook had changed some things.

When publishing, the modules clashed with my slideshow module. The developed replied back and fixed the problems when I posted a question on their support forum. Very good service for a new user of Joomla as myself. It is now working.
Owner's reply: Hi, I'm glad it is now working, however please note that there are 5 built in jQuary options, all you had to do was select one of them and it would have worked without any help from us. This is also in the instructions. 4/5 stars on our first rating was a bit disappointing considering it was not a true bug and we provided free ticket support, which is normally reserved for pro users only and responded within minutes. But all said and done, thanks for the rating and good luck learning Joomla!
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