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Image Hover Effects and Social Share

Posted on 05 May 2014
I love this plugin. It allows visitors to hover over images and then post those images and related text to social media. I had thought that visitors could select just images to post, but that is apparently not the case.

I am fairly new to Joomla. When I first installed it, it caused significant problems on my site; however, their support team was excellent and responsive...they were in daily contact with me and finally I allowed them into my back end and they did some stuff and now it works. The installation also seemed to override my ability to align my images within my articles...instead of align right they were top, and I could not change them. Support team again was great, they told me how to add 'align: right;" to css code. I did that and at first it did not change anything. I then deleted images from articles and reinserted them...this allowed me to set alignment the way I wanted. I am not sure if the css change was what worked or if the deletion of images and reinsertion of images was what worked. In my case I am building a new site and don't have many images would have been a pain to reinsert hundreds of images.

You should consider installing this plugin on a test site before you try it on your live site, or at least have a back-up set up.

Other than those glitches it is very easy to use and I love it.
Owner's reply: Thank you for your review.

Regarding the loading of images, it was enough to clear the cache of your joomla site without the need to reload all the images.

This is because your template retained copy of the old css.

Now the highlighted errors have been resolved with the release of a new version updated, more robust and efficient.

You can use it without risk!

Either way like you said we are always available to support in a very short time.
Thanks again
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