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Its not what you woud expect from the high price

Posted on 13 November 2017
We noticed that the layouts scripts and codes seemed patched together from different sources, which is not a problem
Ease of use
Not very intuitive backend. phpfactory , i see you answer very thoroughly each not great review. Not intuitive is what i and many others say
There will be support of course. Also the support of letting JED delete critical reviews. JED: we have used this component: it is sketchy
Obviously non native english speakers. Hard to follow sometimes
Value for money
absolutely not given. Less then many free components, But unfortunately no alternatives
I used this to: none
Owner's reply: Attention! This review is completely FAKE, and was not posted by one of our customers!
We develop the code 100% ONLY in our software house, maintaining and supporting this product for over 10 years.

experimental in development with not understandable english instructions

Posted on 30 August 2016
Ease of use
non understandable jungle of unreadable misspelled english, and loads of this kind of completely incoherent text in the backend.unpractical
Value for money
No value for the money. Worst purchase we made in years . This should not be costing money as it appears to be someones experiment
I used this to: Was not helpful to us.
Owner's reply: Dear Martin, Uplo extension is accompanied by documentation and exclusive demo page.

You obviously read the misspelled documentation and ran the demo page where you don't found functionality you wanted (some extra fields to add extra questions – as you set), which, of course, is not listed anywhere in documentation or in demo page, simply, because does not exist.

However, despite of misspelled documentation and missed functionality, you bought it.

So, why you bought it, I'll don't guess, – with such problems as you reported in your review – which looks somewhat as revenge review – mainly because I respond to your letter immediately and in detail, pointing the same facts as I do here.

So, fact is that you bought it, and now request functionality that not exists in original Uplo extension.

So, seeking how to solve that issue in productive way and always in good faith and in spirit of positive mindset and productive outcome, allow me, to make an exclusive offer to you, to solve in best way that issue:

I'll create feature you want or any other functionality you want, with styling we agreed, at low rate of 300euro per day (7 hours), exclusively for you to got the functionality you dreamed.

So, if you are ok, I'll be happy to do that for you.

Best Regards, Dmitry Vadis.

filters and displays easyblog perfectly

Posted on 06 July 2014
Had all my challenges solved regarding specially prioritized and day-filtering display of easyblog. Excellent support no matter when or what is needed
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