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Good support

Posted on 27 August 2018
Ease of use
quick to reply very good support
didn't really check
Value for money
I used this to: I've used this component on a few sites now, very useful

Great extension

Posted on 22 October 2014
I wrote a review because the developer was so helpful with support. One thing was related to a conflicting plugin (so not even their fault) and the other was a css tweak. The developer was very prompt and quick to reply.

The extension itself is very good. Easy to setup, a few colour choices for template, various module positions, and also a slideshow and accordion dropdown menu, two things which are very common in mobile only designs. It also has a great feature of disabling any of your modules on the mobile site.

Mobile detection also appears to be pretty good.

Only main suggestion for improvements are more template designs.

Nice for a freebie, but not so good for commercial

Posted on 27 August 2014
A pretty good component but some issues.

It has different themes for iphone, tablet, smartphone, wap, imode (don't know what that is even), but while good, it means if you want to edit a theme you have to do all 5 separately. I just started on the iphone one, but the basic css file didn't cover everything and remnants of iphones theme were across a number of different css/files. I gave up trying to figure out where all the instances of the ugly blue pinstripe was.

The detection isn't always that great. On Galaxy S5 there was none and the desktop site loaded. On Nokia Lumia and Blackberry the menus were broken, so I just set all phones to show the iphone template.

Would be better if there were a setting to just load the phone template if the screen width detected is less than say 350 pixels, that way it's guaranteed to load. But no such option existed from what I could see so your left with detection that may not work.

I decided to try another extension instead, but there was no way of even disabling this component. Even with the component unpublished it still operated, so I had to completely uninstall to test something else.

Also while it's free, the nice looking templates are considerably higher priced. Apparently you have to pay to get rid of the adverts, though I'd just hardcode those out personally.

I could have continued with it, but in the end I went with Responsivizer and found it was quite a bit superior in every way, but does come with a pricetag.
Owner's reply: Great feedback with details, thanks a lot! We are in fact just working on an improved version which will make it simpler to get your design working on all devices with simple settings and improve usability across the board.

As for the device detection, the device database is being updated from time to time - seems the older version you had installed didn't cover Galaxy S5, which the latest one does. (Our Pro version on the other hand has automatic always-up-to-date database with no manual updates needed)


Posted on 26 July 2014
Good product with useful settings. I really liked the fact that it didn't use javascript or jquery, as other flyout mods I'd tried that did use jquery conflicted with existing scripts. This one did the job.

I also received good support - I had an issue but the developer got on to it pretty quickly.
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