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Ari-Soft Smart Content

Posted on 10 March 2015
I am learning what i can do with this and support has been great helping realize all it can do
Ease of use
I am new to use php and sql so this is a bit confusing to me but support has been wonderful
Support has been great............ not only do they answer my questions but gives me suggested code to use to do what i want to do
Documentation seems to be complete as soon as i learn how to search to the right sections
Value for money
Considering i have paid this much for a single extension, this group of components, plugins, and modules is great
I used this to: Right now I am doing a site about Civil War medical personnel...... This group of extensions is going to make my work much easier creating searches and displaying almost 10,000 surgeons and assistant surgeons in the war, as well as add more functionality to the site

Great Plug-In

Posted on 02 August 2014
I am using this plugin on 8 websites and all working great. I had a problem on one website and support was back to me with help within an hour.... not only help but fix.....

I highly recommend infyways!
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