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Great extension, great support

Posted on 24 January 2017
Creates complex Excel sheets for my client
Ease of use
If you know your way around SQL, you can do almost anything with this extension.
Excellent, in-depth support. Whatever the problem, Ruediger is determined to solve it.
For some subjects, a little more explanation would be nice. But overall: very good documentation.
Value for money
Worth every penny.
I used this to: Creating large, complex, multi-sheet Excel spreadsheets containing and combining data from different tables in the database.

Great extension, excellent support

Posted on 12 August 2014
I'm using only the Google signin function for a client's website, and it does exactly as it says. Usually, when reviews say "excellent support", I think: if the extension was any good, support wouldn't be needed. But. For this extension I needed a couple modifications, so I asked the developer, Alex if he could help me out (and immediately refrased my idea of the need for support in relation to the quality of the extension). Alex helped me with these modifications and that was a very pleasant experience. People, this guy IS support. Asks all the right questions, is friendly and helpful and comes up with a useful solution. And thanks to him, my client now thinks I can perform magic.

Great support

Posted on 05 August 2014
RSEvents Pro is easy to use and easy to configure, until you need an option that is not there by default. Luckily, RSJoomla's support desk provides excellent support. I'm no newbie at template overrides, but the ones they helped me with I couldn't have figured out myself. Thumbs up!
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