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Wonderful project and service

Posted on 12 August 2014
I always do a lot of research about products. At first I didn't want to use this one because of the price tag compared to some other options. But when I looked at the competitors there were things I didn't like. This was the only one I saw without a posted limit on the number of slides. The only one I saw that could act as both a slider, and a list, which is perfect for our clients needs. And it had the best ratings. So we went for it and I couldn't be happier!

I submitted a support ticket this morning for one minor issue with the grayscale. Turns out my PNG images were messing it up and I just had to revert to JPG. They were timely, helpful, and very polite! Couldn't be happier! Not to mention the look of the system is AMAZING on our site, and the backend is incredibly easy to manage!
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