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The best vehicle component !

Posted on 30 August 2014
Really best component for vehicles.With this component you can create unlimited Categories and for each Categories you can selected fields(Makes , Models , Body Types etc.) that allows you to use this component for sale of different vehicles:Cars , Trucks, Motorcycles etc.Component and modules have a many number of settings that you can configure the show as you want.Have templates system for each page.You can create unlimited a templates and you can create a separate templates for mobile devices (it's all there in the component) For me, it was nice that there is support in Russian too.

Thank you very much Grusha for this wonderful component!
EXP Auto
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EXP Auto

By Grusha
EXP Autos - it's the only component that when you change categories, changes Makes,Models,Bodytypes,Equipments etc. For example you are selling cars and trucks, cars and trucks have different Makes (funny to see in trucks Aston Martin, Audi etc.), different Models, different Bodytype(funny to see in trucks - sedan etc.), different Equipments etc. The script can be used by a single or multiple sell...
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