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Support is utterly and amazingly great!

Posted on 26 September 2014
In all the years of me buying some software and asking for support afterwards I have never ever been this surprised in a positive way.

In short: I requested support two times in a row, having bought the software and noticing some specific issues. Infyways support solved them both within a few hours, resulting in a new version of the software. Wow. It worked, too!

Now let me explain it a bit more:

After having tried a number of other Joomla facebook comment plugins (that did not work as I wanted them to or triggered sloppy php warning messages) I decided to buy this piece of software. I needed a responsive behaviour in facebook comments as my whole site is responsive. No other plugin delivers that at the moment.

After having bought it online and installed it I began testing it. I noted a glitch in responsive behaviour so I decided to create a support ticket, easy as 1-2-3. Within a few hours I received a new version of the software with the issue fixed. Wow.

My site is multilangual too. The plugin did not seem to support it. So what the heck, I created another support call as my site is in both Dutch and English. I preferred the facebook comment to switch languages too, as it seemed to be in English only and I told them so.

Within the hour I received yet another testversion of the software, tested it, sent feedback, got a new final version and it worked.

A big round of applause to you. Amazing support with equally matched results and great product. I love it.
Responsive Facebook Comments
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Responsive Facebook Comments

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Responsive Facebook Comments is available in 2 different versions. A Content Plugin and a System Plugin. The Content Plugin can appear automatically at the bottom of the Joomla Article when enabled and the System Plugin has a syntax that can be added any where inside any module or component so that the facebook comment box can appear at the particular place where the syntax is defined. CONTENT PL...
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