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conflicting with phoca and other image galleries

Posted on 11 October 2014
First of all, the simplicity and flexibility of this plugin is outstanding, so I recommend this plugin. But I encounter conflicting problems with other image gallery plugins:

On the same page as my boxplus-plugin, I have an sbox-module, which is a phoca image gallery.

The problem now is, that when clicking on a thumbnail of the phoca module, I get an overlay with the actual size of the image, but TWICE. Because on one way or another, the boxplus plugin is also activated, which doesn't make sense because I only can trigger the boxplus plugin when I add "rel=boxplus" in my HTML code. And of course, phoca doesn't have that trigger in its code...

When I disable the boxplus-plugin, my phoca gallery works fine... But the problem is, that I need the boxplus plugin in my html code :(

I also tried RIE (random image extender) instead of phoca, but encounter the same problem. So there's a conflict in boxplus that I don't know how to solve...
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