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Improved Release, but Still Limiting

Posted on 20 July 2015
Functionality is good, but sizing is still sub par. Module will not let you size larger than 340px wide. Newer Joomla positions are 396px.
Ease of use
Very easy to use. Simple and quick setup.
Support uses only twitter. Very limiting.
Value for money
Owner's reply: Tim,

First of all, thank you for your interest in Simpl FB Module!

A new version (1.2.1) has been released addressing the issue with sizing when set to "responsive" mode. Many questionable changes were made to the platform when Facebook deprecated the Like Box plugin in favor of the Pages plugin. One of these changes was that Pages strictly enforces a width range of 180-500 pixels. Another was the plugin's complete lack of mobile friendliness. Addressing these issues are way beyond the scope of a free extension, but I would definitely encourage directly contacting Facebook to express your unhappiness with the new Pages platform.

I understand that Twitter support may not be your cup of tea, but seeing as how developing & managing this plugin already loses me both money and time with my family, I haven't felt comfortable commiting any more of either to this project. It states clearly on the site that the module is provided as-is with no support, but I still provide some limited support via Twitter to help get feedback and make improvements to the extension.

Thanks again Tim, and I hope the update resolves your issue.

Best Regards,

Not for Mobile

Posted on 26 October 2014
I was looking for an extension that would display our facebook feed on our website. The feed works fine for desktop views, but will not display on tablets or phones. This is not an OS issue since I tested this on an iPhone , iPad, Android tablet, and Samsung phone. The developer's site does not state that it will work in a mobile environment, so I'm assuming that this is not capable. Though this is a free extension, you must pay $59 to get support.
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