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A small smart time saver and logic improver

Posted on 17 December 2018
Simply changes the way the "Trash" button works in the backend, making it a bit simpler to see trashed items and empty the trash.
Ease of use
Well, there's not really a "use" of this plugin, it just takes what's there and makes it easier.
None needed. But if it was ever needed, Peter has always provided the best support possible with any of his other extensions.
The description, is all the documentation that's necessary.
Value for money
I used this to: Trash!


Posted on 23 June 2014
Not impressed by the complexity, but by the simplicity of this plugin. At version 0.0.1, already no issues. I simply copy-pasted the example code from the dev site - worked. Smart to use a class instead of the often used plugin codes. Like that, anything can be turned into a logout button ...
Owner's reply: Hello,

Thank you so much for the review. We really appreciate it.

Thank You
Team Function90

No K2 without import

Posted on 13 February 2014
Without proper import, K2 is nearly useless for me. No fun, adding a hundred articles manually. Much more fun with this extension. It's not super easy to use, many parameters to set, and to get the import file right isn't straightforward either, when the data is a bit complex. But most importantly, once it's all set, imports work fine. And support is very good, too.

Life saver

Posted on 16 December 2013
Joomla already provides quite flexible content placing options. Where the default options fail, NoNumber comes in, with Components Anywhere (or Modules Anywhere). And when one of his extensions fail, Peter will take care of it quickly.

Components Anywhere doesn't do much, really. Just easily let's me place components anywhere, just as it says in the title. That's one thing I like about NoNumbers' extensions: no frills, easy to use, reliable. Plus great service.



Works well, well maintained, excellent support

Posted on 05 March 2013
The extension does not do "much": It allows to create a list of terms with explanations, multilanguage, and displays it nicely on a page.
Ease of use
Very easy. If you need styling other than the standard templates, it needs a bit of CSS knowledge.
Excellent ticket support - even when the subscription has run out.
Nice, with many screenshots.
Value for money
It seems a bit expensive compared to similarly priced extensions that do much more. But SEO gains and good support make it worthwhile.
I used this to: A site with lots of technical expressions and abbreviations.


Posted on 21 April 2012
What this plugin provides should be a standard feature. Can anyone give me a reason why it isn't?

I'm really grateful the author wrote this. Excellent.

I had one issue: a component appeared twice on a page.

Here comes the author's support: Problem reported Friday night, fixed update delivered Saturday early morning ...


Another one that should go into the core

Posted on 11 March 2012
What this extension provides should be an option in the core login module. Essential.

(beta J2.5 - no issues)

(I had a case where redirect worked half of the time only. Fixed by using relative link: index.php/page)

Perfect! (almost)

Posted on 19 January 2012
Exactly what I've been looking for. I needed sth. that makes a gallery out of links to images that I insert from a database request, not simply images from a given directory (pPGallery can do that, too, but I don't need it ...). Nice preset effects, easily customised.

Only issue I had was that the thumbnail spans had a greater size than the thumbnails. There are constant numbers of pixels added in ppgallery.php, near line 363. Why these are added is beyond me ... I simply deleted those constants, now everything's fine. Thank you!
pPGallery pPGallery


By cs
Free Content-Plugin to create a simple image gallery based on 'prettyPhoto (x)' display engine (a jQuery lightbox clone). Images from folders or directly inserted into the content/article can be processed with automatic thumbnail generation. (x) prettyPhoto: Features: supports jpg, png and gif images automatic thumb...
Components Anywhere Components Anywhere

Components Anywhere

By Regular Labs
Coding & Scripts Integration
Components Anywhere - place components anywhere you can enter text. With Components Anywhere you place components anywhere in your site. So you can now place a component inside an article or even within modules. The syntax is super simple. Just place this where you want that component to show: {component url/of/the/component} More information:
CComment Pro CComment Pro
Paid download

CComment Pro

By compojoom
Articles comments
You have a comment to make? Make it today! CComment Pro is simple, flexible and easy to use comment extension for Joomla!. It not only works with the default Articles in Joomla, but in a lot lot of 3rd party components as well. You can import your old comments from from numerous other comment extensions including Disqus. The comments are shown with a minimalist bootstrap template that integrates...
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